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Thanks for your reply,

The error people get is: View is not found [name, type, prefix]: ticket, html, jfbconnectView
and sometimes a 1064 error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '= '[email protected]' WHERE user_id = 1047' at line 1 SQL=UPDATE gtp_comprofiler SET = '[email protected]' WHERE user_id = 1047;

The url people end up is /component/jfbconnect/klantenservice?view=ticket&layout=open (klantenservice is a sf404 link)
The 1604 url error link is: component/jfbconnect/?60bed5d7085cb1a9cd289129333d8623=1&lang=nl&provider=facebook&return=a2xhbnRlbnNlcnZpY2U/dmlldz10aWNrZXQmbGF5b3V0PW9wZW4=&task=authenticate.login

And i've switches it to a menu item but it doesn't fix it.


Bjorn Haarman

Hi we are using JFBConnect for a while now and we bumped into an issue.
We have redirecting after login on and it works fine on almost every page/component.
But when you are in our helpdesk (FreeStyleSupport) and you login with facebook it will redirect to a 500 error page.
Is there anything we can do to solve this?


Bjorn Haarman


We are using JFBConnect for a while now and the redirect works fine on most pages.
Only at Free Style Support at create a new ticket when a user logs in with facebook it redirects to a 500 error page.

Hope you can help us out.


Bjorn H

Hi Alex,

First of all thanks for your reply, I've disabled SClogin and JFBCsystem and the problem is gone!

After that I tried to only disable JFBCsystem, problem still gone. It seems the problem re-appears after enabling SC Login module.

The weird thing is, i get complaints from people with chrome browser, we have tested on other browsers like the samsung browser but it works fine there/.
I've already tried to disable jQuery within SClogin module and that doesn't do the trick either.

So hope you can help us out with this information,


Bjorn H

May-20-16 04:15:07
Problem with new registration
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks for your Fast reply.

I turned out to be a plugin from CB itself that was causing the 500 error (CBconfirmemail plugin)

Problem solved after unpublishing the plugin/


We are using JFB Connect for quite a while now and noticed an issue popping up recently.

The problem is the following:
After users login the select input (dropdown menu's) doesn't work properly, there still open but it's impossible tot select any option. It appears that a selection is immediately unselected.

This problem only appears on mobile, but not any mobile, and if a user isn't logged in the selectboxes work fine, so we are sure it's a login problem.
We also figured out that if we disable javascript on our phone the problem is gone to, so it's a  javascript problem.

Hope somebody can help us out current/smile


Bjorn H

May-19-16 07:30:21
Problem with new registration
Category: JFBConnect


I updated JFB to latest version. It seems that the "new registration" feature has been broken. I get a 500 error. Plz advice? I am using JFB with Community Builder.


I dont know if you already changed things, but the problem is solved!

(I had mainbody set on display; none with css @ homepage)

Changed that and now login is working fine..


I don't want to push you but could you please help me narrow down? I have a LOT of people complaining about this current/sad

I checked plugins: User, system, authenticate... im not a pro but i don't see any weird things.

Wich plugins should i look for (wich might interfere?)

As said, CB is configured properly as far as i know, i did look into it and dont see anything weird.

If needed i am willing to send my superadmin to you to investigate...



I am on CB 1.9.1.

I do not understand why CB would be the problem, since the CB login redirect is working fine.


I want SC login to redirect to same page after login.

Settings in SClogin module: joomla redirection url: same page.

Settings in JFB configuration: new user redirection same page, returning user : same page.

Now if use login with facebook it does work properly, however when i fill in my credentials and press login i get redirected to main page wich obviously is NOT what i want.

I use community builder as registration component. I tried using CB login wich works fine.

Plz advice!

Mar-26-14 05:16:00
Category: JFBConnect

Sorry for late reply,

I shifted priorities and use JFB like now , no problems with that one for now.

Feb-21-14 12:27:46
Category: JFBConnect


I managed to pinpoint the problem, as soon as i publish JFBshare in top section of my template (next to login) the alignments gets screwed up.. Confirmed in my new site as wel...

I do intend to use them next to eachother, plz advice.


Feb-21-14 09:01:58
Category: JFBConnect

Edit, did not ready new reply above yet when i posted... I started building site from scratch, keep you updated...

Feb-21-14 06:16:00
Category: JFBConnect

Hey thanks for the reply,

Still it does not work like i should. Its to far to the left? (installed JFB 6.0).

Also the modal does NOT work on all pages? How come? (try for instance Evenementen and then login)

Never mind, sorted it out i think current/wink


Feb-20-14 16:43:00
Category: JFBConnect

I read all topics about the module popup issue but still cant solve mine.

Even with an empty template i cannot the modal function work.

Tried  setting SC Login Jquery, Bootstrap, JQuery and Bootstrap

TEmplate setting: COmponent out put on


Pls advice

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