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We've just heard about this.  It seems to be an IE8 check that sees content being loaded from a different site.  We are looking into it, but are unsure 'who' between us and FB is going to have to fix it.  We will post an update when we find a solution though.

The file would be in modules/mod_jfbclogin/tmpl/default.php.  There's quite a few posts on this forum for modifying that file that may give you some ideas on how to accomplish exactly what you're looking for.

Hiding the JomSocial login should just be a matter of disabling the JomSocial module.

I've been told that JomSocial disabled the editing email field.  You'd have to post on their forums as for why.  Someone mentioned it in here somewhere, but it sounded like a conflict with another component.

The HelloMe module we're just starting to look into (you're the second one to mention this problem).  We'll let you know what we find out as a good solution to correct the multiple logout buttons.

The notice you your getting is very helpful and could be very related to this issue.  The line of code the error is coming up on is where the login module is trying to determine where to redirect the user.

Can you please go into the mod_jfbclogin module settings and try changing both the FB Login and Joomla Login redirects to a page, any page but the blank line or '- select item -'.  Both of those should work, but lets try with a real menu item anyways.

Try logging in, and if you're still getting the Notice, let us know, because you shouldn't.  For anyone else affected, could you please go to "Site->Global Configuration" and then in the "Server" tab set "Error Reporting" to maximum and see if you get this notice?  If the redirect url is set improperly, I don't know what would happen, but wouldn't be surprised if it's something like this.

Also.. if the url is set properly in mod_jfbclogin, ensure that the menu item you're pointing to isn't unpublished, in the trash, or in some other way unreachable.  In all, make sure you can get to that page by clicking the link in a menu from the front-end.

As for CB.. We really haven't tried the current released version of JFBC with CB, and don't know exactly what would happen.  However, between you, me, and whoever else is reading this.. CB support is coming soon. We hope to have a release out within 2 weeks with similar capabilities to what's in JS now... this will be a test release, so we're not saying it will work 100%, but should overcome those issue you list.

For now though, can you check if in your Community Builder->Configuration / Registration tab, you have the following options set?
Require Admin Approval
Require Email Confirmation

If set to yes, then the behavior below is what I'd expect.

We're not sure where this issue is coming.  We used the GoodReality site above to test, and were never able to get the redirect error (picture below as proof).  We opened and closed both Firefox and IE7 multiple times, logged in and out repeatedly, and not once saw the issue.  The fact that the pic shows us logged into both is proof enough that it does work (since FF doesn't know when IE's logged in and vice versa).


In other threads, it's been said that if you delete a user from the Joomla user interface, and don't delete them from the JFBConnect usermap, it can cause this issue.  Can anyone experiencing this problem, please try any of the following:
1) Ensure that the JFBConnect Usermap table has the correct mapping for your user.  Click on both the Joomla username (and ensure that account is correct) and the FB username goes to that persons profile correctly.
2) If this is setup correctly, and you still get the issue, try creating a NEW facebook account and logging in with that account to see if you still have the problem.

If you can narrow down the issue any more and give either things that you've done (changing user information, changing other settings, etc) that might have caused it or ways that it can easily be duplicated by others, we'll gladly investigate more.  Unfortunately, we can't recreate this on our demo, development, or your sites.

Please let us know what you find out.

That's the plan current/smile  Let us know if it doesn't work how you expect, or, as always, if you have suggestions on how to improve the process.

The new component install doesn't automatically install the JFBClogin component anymore.  It tells you that you should though, but in your case, you shouldn't current/smile

We wanted it to automatically install previously while we weren't in 'stable' condition to ensure everyone was on the same page.  Now we're trying to keep them separate so you can keep an older version of things if you don't want to upgrade.

I'd back up any files you've made modifications to first just in case...

No problem.  We're not proud of that bug, and would love to call it closed.  Let us know how it goes!

I'm still not seeing it.  Attached is what my page looks like.. unfortunately, Alex Sourcecoast has only 1 friend... he's lonely.  But that one user is showing correctly.  If this isn't what you're seeing, let me know.  If this is what you're seeing, and I'm missing something, let me know.


I tested this both in IE7 and Firefox and was able to log out and log in multiple times.

Can you guys please check the following things:
Go to Facebook:
- Go to "Settings->Application Settings" in the top right
- Change the show filter to "Approved"
- Ensure your application is listed there.

If so, try deleting your usermapping from JFBConnect and reconnecting.  Do this by:
- Go to the administration area of your Joomla site
- Go to Components->JFBConnect->User Map.
- Find your Joomla user, click the box, and click delete in the top right (this does NOT affect your joomla account)
- Log into the front end of your site with your Joomla account
- Click the FB Login button and log in there with your FB info to re-connect your Joomla/FB user accounts

Report if it still breaks.

Are you using 2.0.1?  This is a bug we intended to fix with that version.  Our demo site had the unknown.unknown users created on it before that release, and since 3/24, has not had any.

The main fix for this was in the /components/com_jfbconnect/controller.php file.  Look for this if/else block at line 44:
    else if (!$rawFbUserId)
    { # Facebook isn't returning information about this user.  Redirect them.
        $mainframe->enqueueMessage('We were unable to retrieve your Facebook account information. Please try again');

If this is still an issue, this will be a very high priority, because it's not good what it's doing.  The unknown.unknown users can be deleted.  They have no user mapping, and are not 'real' users at all.  You can see more of a description in the other post you link to.

Never tested, and I don't think so.  A lot of the mambo/joomla compatibility comes from the roots of the 2 systems.  Joomla changed their design quite drastically with 1.5 and I don't know what effort would take to make it work for both.  When we get through with the next few releases adding large features, it may be something we look into, but we make no assertions that it works now (or will).

Ah, I think we may have missed that usage case (I know you explained it above, but we didn't test that login scenerio).  Still agree this is something that we should fix, so we'll come up with something.

The issue was fixed with 2.0.1 version of the component.  We haven't detected any new user creations like this since then on our test sites.

The users that were getting created were not real users.  There was a bug in the logic where through a constant clicking through the site, the login module could fire off thinking a user had logged in.  This is not normal usage, and we check for it now and prevent these fake users from being created.  The primary way this happened was when search engines would crawl a site.  If you look at your user manager, you can sort by 'unknown.unknown' and delete any of these phantom users.  Going forward (if you have 2.0.1), no new ones should be created.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

There's a new JFBClogin module available for download which now provides the option to remain on the current page when logging in.  This should address both of your issues.  Make sure after you install you go in and configure the parameters and hit apply or save at least once.

The new version is 2.0.3, and we haven't set it as the most current yet, so if you upgrade, it will tell you your versions are out of date (temporarily).  Don't worry about that.

There's 2 new options for both Joomla and Facebook login:
Redirect on Facebook(Joomla) Login - When set to Yes, the login module will operate as before and redirect the user to whichever menu item is selected.  When set to No, after logging in, they will remain on the same page.

Let me know if this works how you expect.  We'd love to get any feedback we can, and then we'll also set it as the most current version so others know as well.  Finally, the only files that changed in this release are the helper.php and mod_jfbclogin.xml files, so if you've changes your template, just copy these files over and you shouldn't have to do any new modifications.

No, we'll check it out with IE8 and let you know what we figure out and/or release a patch if necessary.  That's not good  <!-- s:evil: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_evil.gif" alt=":evil:" title="Evil or Very Mad" /><!-- s:evil: -->

Your english is fine current/smile

When a normal, already logged-in Joomla user clicks Facebook connect - is it possible to retrieve the FB userid and store it to the user_map table ?

This is the current way JFBConnect works.  If a user has an account on Joomla and Facebook already, they can first log into your Joomla site, and then hit the FB Login button.  This will associate the 2 accounts in the usermap, and not create a new user.

Going forward, we're just starting the implementation of asking the user if they already have a Joomla user on the site when the click the FB Connect button.  This will allow them to associate their FB account with their Joomla account without having to login to the Joomla side first.

Long(er)-term, there are ways to ask Facebook if a specific email address has a Facebook account.  In that case, we then ask the user if they'd like to associate their accounts.  Please understand, there is still now way to fetch an email address from Facebook, only to get the Facebook userid from an email address.

Let me know if this helps answer your questions.

It's mentioned through a few posts, but we do need to work up a full license.  Sorry about that.

The purchase will get you full upgrades throughout the lifetime of Joomla 1.5.  With the new user system of Joomla 1.6, we're still investigating our course of action there, but we still don't have all the information we need about it to determine the amount of effort it will take to re-do the user creation functionality..

Attached are 2 photos of our facebook.sourcecoast.com app setup and overview page.  It sounds like your missing the callback url showing up on the Overview page of JFBConnect.  Can you look at the the app page setup to see what's different there?


Similar to my response in another post, it looks like this is working now..?  Does it seem to be working for you?  Just want to know before we investigate further.. especially since its now hard to debug something that looks to be functioning.

You aren't/weren't the only person having this issue.  I just went to your page (in Firefox) and the JFBCInvite module shows in it's full size at the bottom.  Can you tell us what you did to fix it?  We've been unable to locate the problem, and would love your feedback.


You can use template overrides to create your own jfbclogin view (will try to post details on this later, as many people want to alter the look of the login module in a variety of ways).

The other 'quick' option is to modify the /modules/mod_jfbclogin/tmpl/default.php file.  Look for the line "Register for this site" at line 78, and you'll see where to add your code.

No, we'll agree, it shouldn't be there.  That code is part of the importing of FB fields into the user JomSocial profile.  Thanks for pointing out the exact line, it will help us narrow it down.. but honestly don't know what would cause that problem.

Thanks for notifying us!

The invalid argument error your receiving is described in the post below along with the solution:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.php?f=38&t=102&rb_v=viewtopic">http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.ph ... =viewtopic</a><!-- m -->

Sorry to hear you had so many issues.  In case others have it, can you post what was going wrong so that they'll know how to fix it as well?


We will investigate further, but can't say much more about this now.  We really only include 1 JS file from Facebook.  They're including the remaining 8 files, and they could potentially one day include 800 if they wanted too.  Obviously, don't think this will be the case current/smile  I'll look into adding the 1 file to a DomReady call from mootools, but it may not work there since some of the functions (I believe) need to be run as they're encountered on the page due to the namespace translations that facebook requires (extensions to the html spec with lines like <fb:login-button> </fb:login-button> which actually 'creates' more code on your page).

The inline JS isn't causing any extra http requests, but it's possible we could condense it some more.  With the login module, I know it is, but there could be better ways to do it to make sure any JFBConnect code from a page is tidily put in the same spot.

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