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No real comment on it right now.. We're in a feature freeze until the 2.0 stable release now, and starting to piece together the features for afterwards.  This wasn't originally on the map, but we'll look into what it would take.  If everyone speaks up and says this is their #1 priority, we'll move on it quicker, but right now it isn't our highest priority.

We're definitely trying to work hard on getting fixes out there.  If ClassicMariah & Gedmonstone can elaborate on your problems, it will help us focus our efforts on the most immediate bugs.  Preferrably, find a thread already related to the issue, or create a new thread.  This one is very hard to track outstanding issues.

As for development.. yes, we're no (finally) on a feature freeze after the initial JomSocial integration in RC3 until we go stable.  This means bug-fixes only for now.  After that, we have some ideas for the next round of features for the component as well as modules to customize your page with Facebook information.  If you have suggestions, feel free to make a new thread and let us know!

ClassicMariah, on a side note, if you still want a refund, submit a Contact Us through the CMS Market page.  The administrators will help you obtain one.  We can't do that directly.

Yeah, I'd change it back.  A white screen is better than an infinite redirect.

Again, didn't think this would fix it, but it did exactly what I was hoping for... narrowed down your cause to a routing/SEF problem.  We'll work on figuring out how to make sh404SEF play friendly with JFBConnect.

Thanks again for your feedback and prompt responses.  It sucks that you're running into these issues, but we'll get to the bottom of it.

Thanks for posting that code.  It is a pretty login box.  I can code well, but prettiness isn't my thing.

As for the error reported about your site, I started a new thread about it below.  I was able to recreate it on our own development site once, which definitely helps narrow it down.  It's not common, as far as we can tell, but it's a very high priority to fix since it fails so poorly.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.php?f=38&t=53&rb_v=viewtopic">http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.ph ... =viewtopic</a><!-- m -->

The below error was posted in another thread.  Re-posting here for others to follow status updates if you are affected.  This is not common.  It ultimately seems to be a session issue with Facebook and can be caused in cases where a user is logging in/out of Facebook behind the scenes, or has been inactive for very lengthy periods of time.

There are 3 suggested temporary ways to fix this when it occurs (still testing)
1) Log back into Facebook on the actual Facebook site.
2) Close down and open back up the browser.
3) Clearing domain cookies using another method (web developer tools)

This is being investigated and will get an update out shortly which will perform more verification of the current session to make sure it is valid and doesn't throw this error.

Error message below:
Warning: Missing argument 1 for JFBConnectFacebookHelper::_getUserInfo(), called in /home/mfh/public_html/plugins/authentication/jfbconnectauth.php on line 48 and defined in /home/mfh/public_html/components/com_jfbconnect/helpers/facebookhelper.php on line 174

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'FacebookRestClientException' with message 'Session key invalid or no longer valid' in /home/mfh/public_html/administrator/components/com_jfbconnect/assets/facebook-api/facebookapi_php5_restlib.php:2458 Stack trace: #0 /home/mfh/public_html/administrator/components/com_jfbconnect/assets/facebook-api/facebookapi_php5_restlib.php(1232): FacebookRestClient->call_method('facebook.users....', Array) #1 /home/mfh/public_html/components/com_jfbconnect/helpers/facebookhelper.php(179): FacebookRestClient->users_getInfo(NULL, Array) #2 /home/mfh/public_html/plugins/authentication/jfbconnectauth.php(48): JFBConnectFacebookHelper->_getUserInfo() #3 /home/mfh/public_html/libraries/joomla/user/authentication.php(121): plgAuthenticationJFBConnectAuth->onAuthenticate(Array, Array, Object(JAuthenticationResponse)) #4 /home/mfh/public_html/libraries/joomla/application/application.php(528): JAuthentication->authenticate(Array, Array) #5 /home/mfh/public_html/includes/application.php(187): JApplication->login( in /home/mfh/public_html/administrator/components/com_jfbconnect/assets/facebook-api/facebookapi_php5_restlib.php on line 2458

Sorry to keep asking more questions, but what SEF utility are you using on the site?  The login URL being generated is strange, and could be the cause of the problem.  If you don't mind changing a line of code, I have a suggestion below.  I don't think this will fix the issue, but might get us farther along, and help to narrow down the problem.

In the components/com_jfbconnect/helpers/facebookhelper.php file, line 27:
function getFacebookUserLoginLink()
    return JRoute::_("index.php?option=com_jfbconnect&task=loginFacebookUser");

Change the return line to:
    return "index.php?option=com_jfbconnect&task=loginFacebookUser";

Depending on the SEF component, this may not change a thing (just ignoring JRoute), but it's an attempt.  Once I know what you're using, I'll try to install it and start trying to figure out the issue.  If there's a way inside the SEF component to ignore any URLs from JFBConnect, that'd be swell to too current/smile

Be careful with modifying that file (or at least make backups for now).  With each release until stable, we're packaging the login module with the component to make sure that everyone's using the same version (easier to help locate and debug problems).  So when you install a new package, it will overwrite that file.

We'll look into making the module have more parameters to be able to disable most/all other fields than the FB Connect button in the future though, I'm sure others would like that too.

Thanks, while we test everything quite a bit, we love to hear feedback (good or bad).  Now that we have a demo site setup (outside of CMS Market), that may help people do a 1-1 comparison when things do go wrong.

More customers always does help get more done and lets us focus more on support... to that end, good reviews help get more customers  current/wink
CMS Market Review Link
JED Review Link

That function call is basically the test to Facebook to verify that your API and Secret key are correct.  If you're getting null, then something's odd.

Verify those settings again and that there's no whitespace on either side (I trim those values, so there shouldn't be).  Also, if you're cutting and pasting, just make sure that the ends are correct.

JFBConnect RC3 was just released and has the feature that just about everyone has asked for: JomSocial integration.
If you'd rather see it in action, then letting me explain, go to our demo site:

Log in with Facebook, and you'll see your avatar and JomSocial fields automatically populated.

How does JomSocial Integration Work?
There's a new configuration panel called "JomSocial".  In here, you can enable JomSocial Profile creation.  The options available are to:
1) Automatically import the users FB avatar into JomSocial
2) Select from 20 different FB profile fields and map them to any JomSocial textarea or textbox fields. These will automatically be populated with the user's FB data upon registration.

Why RC3?
We're software developers and generally agree that a Release Candidate shouldn't have huge new feature in it.  However, we chose to add them in before the final release for the following reasons:
1) This way, any module developed in the future will be able to see the 'js_enable' configuration setting and act accordingly. This will make module development and compatibility much simpler.
2) You guys wanted it so much!

Going forward
The next steps for JFBConnect are to find and fix any bugs.  We don't plan on any new features before the stable release (hopefully in a week or so).

After that, we plan to give a quick primer on how to make your own modules to integrate with JFBConnect and tie Facebook functionality into your Joomla (and possibly JomSocial powered) website.  We will also be creating modules, but anyone in the community will be welcome to contribute their free or paid modules.

We hope you enjoy this release!

That's a new one.  Unfortunately, all I have is questions.

Have you set up the API key and Secret key properly in the configuration area? The "Overview" page should show you your application name and callback url when setup properly.

Can you provide which version of PHP you're using?  This can be found under "Help->System Info" in the administration area.  As stated on the product page, at least 5.0 is required.

Other than that, I'm unsure.  Any other information you can provide would help narrow it down in addition to the above.

First off, if you can post bugs in their own post, it will make things much easier to track going forward.

Styling the Invite module:
The only suggestion I have about this now is through custom CSS.  You can do this easily using Firebug in FF, inspecting the elements that Facebook returns, and developing the look you want.  The data they return is imbedded in the page, and not controllable through JFBConnect.

No Facebook connect image:
When a page has loaded that's using the login module, you should have the following code immediately after the <body> tag:
<script type="text/javascript">
    if(document.namespaces) {
        // IE
        document.namespaces.add("fb", "http://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml");
    } else {
        var htmlElement = document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0];
        htmlElement.setAttribute('xmlns:fb', 'http://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml');
If it's not there, please verify that you've enabled both the JFBConnect Authentication plugin and JFBConnect Namespace plugins.   If that doesn't work, let me know if you have any unique configuration settings I should be aware of.

User Flooding:
I've only heard of this one other time, during the RC1 stage, and haven't heard of it again.  Can you explain more of what's happening, or provide a link to your site to test out?

PLEASE, even if you're responding to any of the above, post in a new thread so I can track it better!

My first, and only guess for now, would be to check your callback url.  It's obviously signing you into Facebook, but I noticed you have an automatic redirect set up to add "www." before your URL, but still posted it here without that.  Facebook is really picky, so make sure your callback is (in your case) "http://www.mightyfightinghawks.com"

If your callback is setup correctly, can you provide the following information about your setup?  You can find this in the administrator area under Help->System Information:
Joomla version
PHP version

Good looking page by the way.  I like the design, and it's always nice seeing JFBConnect in use.

Turn on Errors within Joomla and report the error you're seeing here.  Have you correctly put in your Facebook API and Secret keys into the JFBConnect component?  You can determine if they're working by going to the administrator section of JFBConnect and seeing if the Callback URL and Application name are showing up correctly.

The EnqueueError message is being discussed here:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.php?f=38&t=46&p=158&rb_v=viewtopic">http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.ph ... =viewtopic</a><!-- m -->

Please use that post for further discussion.

If you'd like to fix on your own for now, change that line in the controller (line 83, and another on 73) to enqueueMessage instead of enqueueError.

We're working on another RC release which will fix this and other problems.  Unfortunately, when this is fixed, there is still going to be an error that the user is unable to be created (Which is what the error was trying to tell you in the first place).

Have you changed the configuration settings for the username creation?  Most importantly, are you using the {rand} tag somewhere?  Each Joomla username needs to be unique, so if you're testing with the same Facebook user to create multiple accounts, and not using the {rand} tag, JFBConnect will try to create a user with a username that already exists.. hence the error.  This would also happen if 2 user's named "John Smith" signed up on your website.

Any other information on the user your creating would greatly help narrow this down.

Thank you for the translation, that would have been my first question.

Can you go to Help->System Info, and then click on the Directory Permissions tab.  Check if any directories are unwritable, mainly "Plugins".  I just noticed that this doesn't check for "Plugins/Authentication" which is odd.  If possible (and using Linux), can you check that the Plugins/Authentication directory is writeable?

If that looks good, can you check the plugins/authentication directory and make sure that there isn't a jfbconnectauth.php or jfbconnectauth.xml files?

Sorry that there's no documentation yet for this module.  We're working on it!

The Invite module is a 'module', and therefore you can't create a direct menu link just to it.  The way we do it on the demo page is the following:
1) Create an article, ex title "Invite your friends to My Site".  Explain how to invite friends, why they should, etc.
2) Create a new menu item pointing just to this article, ex title "Invite Friends"

Now you have the page setup for inviting friends, all we need to do is add the module:
1) Go to your Module Manager and modify the JFBCInvite Module.
2) Under Position, select a module position that would place the module under the article.  Footer works for the default Joomla template (rhuk)
3) In the Menu Assignment section, choose "Select Menu Item(s) from the list"
- In the Menu Selection list, choose the "Invite Friends" menu item we created above.
4) Parameter configuration:
Class Suffix - Use to help you customize the styles of the module.
Invite Action Text - Additional text directly above the invite module
Invite Type - This is what the blue button at the bottom of the invite module says for the user to click on. "Send XXXX Invitation" where XXXX is what you put in this field.
Invite Content - Text passed to the invitation form, that your invitees will see
Invite Content Url - This is the link that your invitees will see to click through to the page your inviting them too (generally, this is your home page)
Invite Content Url Label - This is the text for the button your invitees will see "Come join me on XXXX"
Post Invite Action Url - This is the page you want your users to return to after inviting their friends.

That should do it.

On a side note, the built in menu items are legacy features from the version 1.0 of the component.  They will probably be removed in the future, and should only be used for testing/demonstration purposes.  Not for your actual users.  Sorry for the confusion.

Hope this helps!  If not, you know where to find us current/smile

The plugin can be found in the installation package.  Unzip it, and go to the admin/packages directory.  In there, you will find the zips of the Login module and 2 plugin's.  Use these to install whatever did not install.  If you get an error when trying to install them, post it here.

Both plugins are required to be enabled, so until they are installed, I would disable any modules you have showing up on the front-end.

By all means, use whichever component works best for you.  I've not used the component you linked too, so I can't say anything positive or negative about it.

As for JFBConnect, we are planning to make it very open for other developers to add features through extra modules, and also integrate better with other components.  This may be a selling point for you, it may not.  Either way, I hope you find the Facebook Connect component that meets your needs.

Glad you like the improvements.

Things are still in flux for a little bit while we're churning through some of the bugs and Release Candidates.  When it settles down, we're going to write up a quick "How to integrate" type thing, because we don't want to write all the modules to add functionality current/smile  We'd definitely like your (and anyone else's) help!

RC2 was just released (minutes ago), but only ~4 days after RC1.  If there's less bugs and more wider testing & reporting, hopefully RC3/stable? will be out shortly as well and we can get a move on with more even features and development including other developers like yourself.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

I've not tested JFBConnect with AEC or Community Builder.  It does create 'normal' Joomla users, which AEC / CB should recognize, but I'm not going to make any guarantees on this.  Once 2.0 Stable is out, we'll be trying to test with more community components and ensuring integration where appropriate.  For now, I'd hold off unless you want to test & report.  We will try to work on any integration bugs as they're reported.

Thanks for helping to narrow it down.  Not sure how FF would be affected, but not IE.  RC2 was just released, but has nothing related to these problems.

Are you putting an SEF address in the URL box or a non-SEF one (ex. index.php?option=com_user&view=user&layout=form)?  The non-SEF may work better...?

1) Yes, any feature upgrades to JFBConnect will be released to users who have purchased the component.  v2.0 (RC1) was just released which is our first step to adding a lot of the user creation and automatic logging in features that users requested over the 1.0 Version, and any of those users can now see this (and future 2.0 releases) in their download section.

A caveat to this is Joomla 1.6, which adds a lot of user management features.  Depending on the effort to re-work the component to work with that, a version for J1.6 may be a separate release.

So, in short, feature upgrades will be free to current customers for the foreseeable future. Support will always be available for our past works though.

2) It's on the radar.  After a stable release of 2.0 which allows Joomla user creation and automatic Facebook log-ins, we plan to work on whatever features are requested. Currently, JomSocial people seem to be the most vocal current/smile  Suggestions are welcome.

3) Not yet.  We have some test modules we've created and another author we're working with to generate new features (such as status updates and more profile integration), but no announcements yet.

The problem is being caused because user activation is turned on.  Currently, JFBConnect uses the built in Joomla user creation functionality.  This will be changed on the next release to have JFBC create the user, regardless of activation settings.  To fix, for now, turn of user activation.  This obviously will prevent checking of any users email, so if that's not desired, disable the component for now.

There will be no way to perform user activation on a Facebook user since FB does not allow an application to retrieve a user's email address (for many obvious reasons).  That is the purpose of the redirect on Facebook new user creation url, so you can politely ask the user to put in their correct address.  The next RC will simply not perform activation on FB users, but will not disturb it if it's on for new users signing up through Joomla.

We're looking into this and will try to have a release candidate 2 version out shortly.  The thing in common, it seems, is that these sites are being run out of a sub-directory (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.blah.com/subdir">http://www.blah.com/subdir</a><!-- m -->), and that may be where the problem is.  If you can share you configuration settings (mainly Create new user: yes/no), that can help for testing so I know I hit your case with a fix.

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