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Turn on Errors within Joomla and report the error you're seeing here.  Have you correctly put in your Facebook API and Secret keys into the JFBConnect component?  You can determine if they're working by going to the administrator section of JFBConnect and seeing if the Callback URL and Application name are showing up correctly.

The EnqueueError message is being discussed here:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.php?f=38&t=46&p=158&rb_v=viewtopic">http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.ph ... =viewtopic</a><!-- m -->

Please use that post for further discussion.

If you'd like to fix on your own for now, change that line in the controller (line 83, and another on 73) to enqueueMessage instead of enqueueError.

We're working on another RC release which will fix this and other problems.  Unfortunately, when this is fixed, there is still going to be an error that the user is unable to be created (Which is what the error was trying to tell you in the first place).

Have you changed the configuration settings for the username creation?  Most importantly, are you using the {rand} tag somewhere?  Each Joomla username needs to be unique, so if you're testing with the same Facebook user to create multiple accounts, and not using the {rand} tag, JFBConnect will try to create a user with a username that already exists.. hence the error.  This would also happen if 2 user's named "John Smith" signed up on your website.

Any other information on the user your creating would greatly help narrow this down.

Thank you for the translation, that would have been my first question.

Can you go to Help->System Info, and then click on the Directory Permissions tab.  Check if any directories are unwritable, mainly "Plugins".  I just noticed that this doesn't check for "Plugins/Authentication" which is odd.  If possible (and using Linux), can you check that the Plugins/Authentication directory is writeable?

If that looks good, can you check the plugins/authentication directory and make sure that there isn't a jfbconnectauth.php or jfbconnectauth.xml files?

Sorry that there's no documentation yet for this module.  We're working on it!

The Invite module is a 'module', and therefore you can't create a direct menu link just to it.  The way we do it on the demo page is the following:
1) Create an article, ex title "Invite your friends to My Site".  Explain how to invite friends, why they should, etc.
2) Create a new menu item pointing just to this article, ex title "Invite Friends"

Now you have the page setup for inviting friends, all we need to do is add the module:
1) Go to your Module Manager and modify the JFBCInvite Module.
2) Under Position, select a module position that would place the module under the article.  Footer works for the default Joomla template (rhuk)
3) In the Menu Assignment section, choose "Select Menu Item(s) from the list"
- In the Menu Selection list, choose the "Invite Friends" menu item we created above.
4) Parameter configuration:
Class Suffix - Use to help you customize the styles of the module.
Invite Action Text - Additional text directly above the invite module
Invite Type - This is what the blue button at the bottom of the invite module says for the user to click on. "Send XXXX Invitation" where XXXX is what you put in this field.
Invite Content - Text passed to the invitation form, that your invitees will see
Invite Content Url - This is the link that your invitees will see to click through to the page your inviting them too (generally, this is your home page)
Invite Content Url Label - This is the text for the button your invitees will see "Come join me on XXXX"
Post Invite Action Url - This is the page you want your users to return to after inviting their friends.

That should do it.

On a side note, the built in menu items are legacy features from the version 1.0 of the component.  They will probably be removed in the future, and should only be used for testing/demonstration purposes.  Not for your actual users.  Sorry for the confusion.

Hope this helps!  If not, you know where to find us current/smile

The plugin can be found in the installation package.  Unzip it, and go to the admin/packages directory.  In there, you will find the zips of the Login module and 2 plugin's.  Use these to install whatever did not install.  If you get an error when trying to install them, post it here.

Both plugins are required to be enabled, so until they are installed, I would disable any modules you have showing up on the front-end.

By all means, use whichever component works best for you.  I've not used the component you linked too, so I can't say anything positive or negative about it.

As for JFBConnect, we are planning to make it very open for other developers to add features through extra modules, and also integrate better with other components.  This may be a selling point for you, it may not.  Either way, I hope you find the Facebook Connect component that meets your needs.

Glad you like the improvements.

Things are still in flux for a little bit while we're churning through some of the bugs and Release Candidates.  When it settles down, we're going to write up a quick "How to integrate" type thing, because we don't want to write all the modules to add functionality current/smile  We'd definitely like your (and anyone else's) help!

RC2 was just released (minutes ago), but only ~4 days after RC1.  If there's less bugs and more wider testing & reporting, hopefully RC3/stable? will be out shortly as well and we can get a move on with more even features and development including other developers like yourself.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

I've not tested JFBConnect with AEC or Community Builder.  It does create 'normal' Joomla users, which AEC / CB should recognize, but I'm not going to make any guarantees on this.  Once 2.0 Stable is out, we'll be trying to test with more community components and ensuring integration where appropriate.  For now, I'd hold off unless you want to test & report.  We will try to work on any integration bugs as they're reported.

Thanks for helping to narrow it down.  Not sure how FF would be affected, but not IE.  RC2 was just released, but has nothing related to these problems.

Are you putting an SEF address in the URL box or a non-SEF one (ex. index.php?option=com_user&view=user&layout=form)?  The non-SEF may work better...?

1) Yes, any feature upgrades to JFBConnect will be released to users who have purchased the component.  v2.0 (RC1) was just released which is our first step to adding a lot of the user creation and automatic logging in features that users requested over the 1.0 Version, and any of those users can now see this (and future 2.0 releases) in their download section.

A caveat to this is Joomla 1.6, which adds a lot of user management features.  Depending on the effort to re-work the component to work with that, a version for J1.6 may be a separate release.

So, in short, feature upgrades will be free to current customers for the foreseeable future. Support will always be available for our past works though.

2) It's on the radar.  After a stable release of 2.0 which allows Joomla user creation and automatic Facebook log-ins, we plan to work on whatever features are requested. Currently, JomSocial people seem to be the most vocal current/smile  Suggestions are welcome.

3) Not yet.  We have some test modules we've created and another author we're working with to generate new features (such as status updates and more profile integration), but no announcements yet.

The problem is being caused because user activation is turned on.  Currently, JFBConnect uses the built in Joomla user creation functionality.  This will be changed on the next release to have JFBC create the user, regardless of activation settings.  To fix, for now, turn of user activation.  This obviously will prevent checking of any users email, so if that's not desired, disable the component for now.

There will be no way to perform user activation on a Facebook user since FB does not allow an application to retrieve a user's email address (for many obvious reasons).  That is the purpose of the redirect on Facebook new user creation url, so you can politely ask the user to put in their correct address.  The next RC will simply not perform activation on FB users, but will not disturb it if it's on for new users signing up through Joomla.

We're looking into this and will try to have a release candidate 2 version out shortly.  The thing in common, it seems, is that these sites are being run out of a sub-directory (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.blah.com/subdir">http://www.blah.com/subdir</a><!-- m -->), and that may be where the problem is.  If you can share you configuration settings (mainly Create new user: yes/no), that can help for testing so I know I hit your case with a fix.

There is a new release out (2.0 RC1) that should do what you're looking for here, either creating a Joomla user (if desired) or just allowing them to login using their Facebook credentials (similar to OpenID or Gmail login).

It is a release candidate, so please test first, but it's a step in the direction you guys seem to want it to go.  We'll be adding more features, and fixing bugs, as we're notified about them.


A new release (2.0 RC1) was just posted.  There's a new sticky post with information about it as well.  Please test it out, we think this is what most people have been looking for (ability to register users in Joomla with Facebook information, log in to the site with Facebook credentials, etc).

As always, keep the great feedback coming!

Do not post bugs/issues/problems to this post.  It is not monitored as it's almost impossible to track bug status here. Please search for an already posted bug, or create a new post.

The JFBConnect component allows for integration between Joomla and Facebook connect.  Features such as Joomla user creation using Facebook profile information, automatic login to Joomla if already logged into Facebook, and single-logout functionality for both are included.  Also, if you have the popular community components JomSocial or Community Builder, it can automatically import a new user's profile and avatar data directly into their profile on your site!

This component also provides the framework and API infrastructure for additional modules to be used in conjunction with your site to add Facebook connect features (such as invitations, walls, status, profiles, etc).

Current Version
JFBConnect v2.5.0

Joomla 1.5.x, PHP5+, cURL extensions (included and enabled on most servers)

Please use the installation guide on the JFBConnect home page:
JFBConnect Installation Guide

Upgrading from a previous 2.0 Release
Uninstall the JFBConnect component using the Extensions->Install/Uninstall feature.
Follow the directions above (Installation)
- All configuration settings will remain when remain intact inside the component.  However, the Login module parameters will need to be re-configured again.

Facebook Login Flow
There are multiple events that can happen when a Facebook user logs into your site, depending on if this is their first login or not, and whether they already have a Joomla account.

First time logging in through Facebook.  Not logged into Joomla. The following are set in the Configuration tab:
Create them a new Joomla user account:
- This will create a Joomla user in the system which can be used to return to the site without requiring logging into Facebook
- Some Facebook modules will still require that the user be connected to Facebook to operate

Don't create Joomla account, but allow Facebook log-in:
- This creates a pseudo-Joomla account, similar to OpenID or Gmail log in. There is no password associated with the account, so this user much use their Facebook credentials to log-in on return to the site.

Facebook does not allow for an application to see a user's email address. It is recommended to use the redirection url to send the new user to their profile page to ask them to set them email address.  Also, for case #1 above, they can use their profile page to set their Joomla password, in case they'd like to use that to log in in the future.

Returning Facebook user
They will automatically be logged back into their Joomla account created above

Facebook user logging in who is already logged into Joomla
The Facebook and Joomla accounts will be connected.  From this point forward, if the user logs in using their Facebook credentials, they will automatically be logged into their accompanying Joomla account.

Revision History
Please see the Changelog at JFBConnect.com

Ensure that you're callback url setup in your Facebook application account is absolutely correct.  That means that it's http instead of https and does or doesn't include the 'www', depending on how your site is used.

Right now, when you're connected with your Joomla user, if you connect via Facebook login, you're accounts will be mapped together, which allows modules to 'know' the Joomla user that is connected to the Facebook account, or vice versa.  The actual mapping can be seen in the Usermap tab in the backend.

We're also working on a new release that will be out shortly that will help to verify your API settings more easily as well as having more enhanced connectivity features (such as creating Joomla users and logging into the Joomla site via your Facebook account).

Please let me know if there's any other questions I can help answer.


We've only implemented the very basic functionality of Facebook Connect.  We wanted to get what we have out there so we can get feedback from users to know which functionality would be most useful so we know what to implement next.

You can read up on all the different things Facebook Connect allows for and see some other demo sites here:
If you can point us directly to someone else doing something for the documentation that says it's possible, it definitely helps us out.

I will add these to the top of our list to investigate.  I'm not sure if Facebook allows for all of them, but if it does, we'll build it.  If I misunderstood any of them, let me know:

- A way to sync Facebook users to Joomla users by e-mail address without the user logging into the site (not sure if this is allowed by Facebook, but we'll see).
- A way to have a non-Joomla either signup or register after they sign in through the Facebook login.
- A way to display all Facebook users who have accepted this site as an application.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you, Google Translate  current/big_smile


Invalid Argument
The destination URL of the cross-domain of Facebook Connect (http://xxxxxxx.it/index.php?option=com_ .... 087% 22% 7D) must provide the URL of the callback (http : / / www.xxxxxxxx.it) as a prefix. The callback URL can be configured in settings.

Is it possible that it's complaining because one of the URL's has www. and the other does not?  On my page, this is the javascript that JFBConnect produces:


function() {
FB.Facebook.init("XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", "index.php?option=com_jfbconnect&view=xdreceiver&format=raw");

So JFBConnect doesn't even specify the entire site URL in the prefix.

Are you going to <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.xxx.it/">http://www.xxx.it/</a><!-- m --> or <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://xxx.it/">http://xxx.it/</a><!-- m --> in your browser?

Do you have any SEF turned on that might be messing with the URL?


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