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What happens when it doesn't appear?  JFBConnect and FB in general is very Javascript dependent, so the lightbox (which is heavy javascript as well) may be problematic.

Have you tried in Firefox with the Web Developer tools enabled to see if there are any javascript errors occuring when the lightbox appears?  If you get one, let us know.  If not.. let us know your address and we can try to look further, but I'm not super optimistic.

We've seen this in a few cases and have tried to investigate it further.  There seems to be an issue where the FB API doesn't create the session in time for JFBConnect to detect the user is logged in.. hence, why it works on the next page.

We're always looking for ways to optimize our component, and hopefully will come up with an update to fix this problem in all cases.

Oh, also, since Facebook heavily relies on Javascript code, please ensure that other JS code on your page is performing as expected.  If you have a complex (flashy) template, you may want to try with the default Khepri template on a 'bland' page (some article, not a glitzy component page) and see if the issue remains there.  If not, try to narrow down the template or component that may be interfering.

The variable FB is defined by us, but references a Javascript object from Facebook's client.  We have no control over whether this instantiation goes well or not, but it's important that it does for functionality to work.

Facebook seems to have made some changes to their API over this week, which sometimes causes instability when they upgrade as it rolls out slowly.  I would definitely suggest closing the browser, clearing cache, etc and trying again to see if the instability remains.

As for inserting the module in your page as referenced here, we'll be releasing a new JFBCLogin module today which should correct that issue.. though I'm assuming you've already come up with the solution of changing require to require_once in the mod_jfbclogin.php helper as described here.

Sorry for the delay in response.

If you can post your site address, we can investigate further.  Also, we always suggest trying on our demo site to see if you see the issue there.  If so, it could be a Facebook overall error, if not, it's still likely a Facebook configuration error.

Facebook also stores quite a few cookies in the process of authentication (we have nothing to do with this).  Could it be possible your disabling cookies in some way from your site?

Please send a request to CMS Market through their contact us form.  They handle refunds (but not support).  They'll contact us and we can go from there.  However, refunds are really only issued if there is a problem or mis-representation of the product, and we clearly state in the product information that text fields and text areas are all that can be imported.  Again, if you have suggestions on how to make arbitrary data from FB work in a select or radio box, we'd love to hear it.

That certainly could be affecting you, and we'd suggest removing it.  We've done testing with CB and the setting of "Dont create Joomla users", but will try to do more to see if that could be part of the problem.

In all honesty though, the cause of the site showing up in the login box has always been more on the Facebook application side of the equation than the JFBConnect side.  Have you tried creating a new app within Facebook (just for testing purposes) with the minimal settings to see if you still have the issue?  After you test, you can switch it back to your original api/secret key, but that helps eliminate a big unknown piece of the equation.

I'm not exactly sure what you're asking, but if the question is whether a CB user can be created through the component, the answer is yes.

Hrmmm.. we'll have to investigate more with 1.5.13.  If you find any other common causes for the problem, let us know!

That's not good that the notification features don't work so well.

As for the rest, we've looked into other authentication ideas and like the idea of making more options available, but just haven't had the time to devote to it recently.

As for the stylings, I thought we were close on some, but we'll look into it more to make it more common in future revisions.

The idea of looking to see if any blank fields could be filled in with new data is a good one.  We'll keep it in mind!

Gender is about the only one it would work for since you know all the possible answers, but even then, there's the possibility that in JomSocial you set a select box to be capitalized when Facebook uses it as lower-case, etc.

Again, if you have suggestions, we'd love to look into possible options, but we haven't been able to devise something that isn't too cumbersome to use.

This has occurred on a few sites before.  The best solution we've given is to try to recreate your Facebook application with the 'minimal' settings given in our user guide.  Try that API/Secret Key and see if you get the same issue.

Also, keep in mind the following:
- With a sub-directory URL such as yours, ensure that you are including your full path in both of the callback fields in the FB app.
- Ensure that when connecting, you include (or don't) the www from the site's name.  Whatever you put into FB should be what the URL should say when you try to log in.  If it's different, you'll run into these issues.

If you go to "Site->Global Configuration->Server" and set Error Reporting to Max in the admin error, the blank page will show you the error that's cropping up.  Post it back here and we should be able to help you further.

FBConnect only works with text and texarea fields because that is what is returned from Facebook.  For a select field to work, the user would have had to type in the exact information that you happen to have given as options for a select field.

For example, if you have a select field for Favorite Movie, and the options were:
Shark in Venice

But the user in Facebook choose "Airbud", what would be the correct course of action in that scenerio?  It would break JomSocial field searching capabilities and cause other issues.

If you have a recommended solution, we'd love to hear it.  It's a request we get a lot, but we do call out that only certain fields are importable in the description.

Thank you for your post, and we're sorry you had these issues.  We'll look to test and include your changes in the next release to ensure things continue to run happily for you.

The subdirectory thing shouldn't be an issue, we've tested that quite a bit before.  You do want to make sure that the callback URLs in your FB application include the subdirectory name.

The (missing) .htaccess file wouldn't be causing this issue, but it could cause you other issues once we get past this one.

Which RocketTheme is it?  Can you post your page so we can investigate the Javascript and HTML calls to see if we can debug it that way?

The error you're showing is from JCSMember.php.. are you using JoomSuite Member, or is that another plugin?


I tried on your site without issue using Firefox.  Can you be more specific of browser version your using or any other variables that might be of note to help us test?  I also noticed that you don't have a redirect set up for your non-www version of your site.  That will definitely cause you issues as you move forward.
Cross-Domain Receiver / www redirects

JFBConnect is mainly meant to allow users to log into your site using their Facebook credentials.  While the Facebook API does allow many of the things you mention, they aren't currently implemented as our focus is on the login/registration process.  There are add-ons that may do what your looking for like the Facebook Comments module.

Right now, for avatars, they are only imported on the first 'connection'.  We're anticipating that the next release will allow the admin to select if the avatar should be imported on each user's login so it will always be in-sync with their Facebook profile.

We're performing tests in Chrome but are unable to recreate this issue.  Do you have a page you can point us too?

Can you send me the PM again?  I've gone through the inbox both on the forums and within JomSocial and I'm not seeing a message from you to log into your site.  Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.

There is no caching within the module or component itself.  Can you describe more along the lines of what's happening "when it doesn't"?

What do you have set up for your login redirection in both the JFBCLogin module and the Component for New User Redirection?

In the HTML generated by the module, there's a return value, which when decoded is "&Itemid=300001".  This is where you're getting redirected, but obviously, it's not right.  Try updating and saving the component and module parameters to something else and see if your result changes.  Let us know if that changes the result.  If not, you may need to PM us some details to your site and we can go in and debug what's causing the issue.

That's a new issue for us.  We'll investigate and see where something is going wrong.  It's coming from the Facebook API library itself, which we can't change, but we'll let ya know what we find.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.php?f=38&t=280&rb_v=viewtopic&start=10#p1375">http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.ph ... t=10#p1375</a><!-- m -->

There is a post there with a minor code change required to fix a bug with Safari.

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