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This is really a new issue to us.  We are investigating and will try to figure out the problem soon.  The different browsers shouldn't be making a difference, but it's possible.  When you click the logout button, it should (as it says) log you out of both your site and Facebook and kill your cookies for both in the process.

If you determine anything new, let us know.  Also, if you would, try on our demo site and let us know if it occurs there.  If there's something we need to change in our configuration to make it more like yours, let us know so we can narrow it down.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://facebook.sourcecoast.com">http://facebook.sourcecoast.com</a><!-- m -->

Also, you can't hardcode the image on your server.  That's a big Facebook no-no, they want you to use their approved, fetched-on-the-fly images.. and it's pulled through Javascript anyways, so it would be difficult to do.

For those of you affected, can you try adding the following bolded line to /modules/mod_jfbclogin/tmpl/default.php:

Let me know if this fixes your issue, and we'll make sure it gets into the next release.

Yeah, keep us posted if you can figure out 'when' this occurs.  We'll keep an eye out as well, but obviously having steps to recreate really helps.

Unfortunately, the original request was made at a time when JFBConnect was smaller and possibly easier to migrate.  Also, since then, the Joomla group has come out and said that the last day of updates for Joomla 1.0 would be in July... and even before that, there hasn't been a patch release in over a year.

JFBConnect will not be migrated to 1.0.  There is simply too much going on with it right now to devote our efforts towards it when there are other higher priority requests already out there.  We perform 1.0->1.5 migrations as well, and while they aren't always exciting, we've always found upgrade paths for our clients on components, even if there isn't a directly compatible 1.5 version.  It's not pleasant, but with the future having no guaranteed security releases for 1.0, I wouldn't recommend leaving any site on that infrastructure.

As for MS.  The Joomla organization (like us) does not have the resources to dedicate to 2 separate branches of development on a very small budget.  They have to pick and choose priorities, and I'm glad they're able to focus their efforts on better improvements over sustaining legacy products.

Good luck, and let us know if there's anything else out there we can help with.  I know this isn't the answer you were hoping for.

That's a new error.  The simplexml_load_string function is a part of PHP5.  I know you have at least PHP5 because there's a whole host of others errors you'd get before that one if you were on PHP4.

Simplexml is an extension added into PHP5 for XML parsing.  It's enabled by default, but appears to be disabled on your server.  The only suggestion I have is to talk with your technical person or hosting company to see if they can enable it.

The link below is PHP5's description of Simplexml and that's its normally enabled.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://us.php.net/manual/en/simplexml.installation.php">http://us.php.net/manual/en/simplexml.installation.php</a><!-- m -->

Try this, and if you still encounter issues, please post there:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.php?f=38&t=210&p=941&hilit=JRoute&rb_v=viewtopic#p941">http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.ph ... topic#p941</a><!-- m -->

Unfortunately, we don't have those screen shots.  We started to at one point, but Facebook changes their layout and options about once a month.  It's been more confusing for users when they can't match up the screen shots with what they actually see.

If you'd like some specific help, just let us know.  There really isn't any special integration for JomSocial outside of the JomSocial Integration tab.  The invite module does not have any dependency on JomSocial at all .

The callback URL can be found in your Facebook Application itself (<!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.facebook.com/developers">www.facebook.com/developers</a><!-- w -->), and should be your home page ("http://www.blah.com/").  The places to set this are:
Connect Menu -> Connect URL
Canvas Menu -> Canvas Callback URL

Also read this post when setting your callback url:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.php?f=38&t=102&rb_v=viewtopic">http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.ph ... =viewtopic</a><!-- m -->

There's quite a few posts on how to customize the login module throughout the board.  We have intentions to make the login module work much more friendly with Joomla's (wonderful) built in template overriding system, but unfortunately it's just not there yet.

If you want to modify it yourself, the file you want to change is /modules/mod_jfbclogin/tmpl/default.php.  Please make a backup of the file after your done so that if you ever install a new version, you're changes won't be lost.

Sorry for the delay.  The documentation for the invite module as unfortunately put into a post (with a link to another post with more information...), but we'll start packaging it up with future versions (or make the post sticky).

Please look here to see if this helps, and if you're still running into issues or have questions, you know where to post current/smile
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.php?f=38&t=55&p=272&hilit=invite+xfbml&rb_v=viewtopic#p272">http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.ph ... topic#p272</a><!-- m -->

Stop posting your problem in every thread.  This one is not related to your issue at all and it causes confusion.

I logged into your site, and for some reason the JFBConnect - Authentication plugin is not installed.  I can see it in the plugins/authentication directory, but it won't show it in the plugin manager.  Using JoomlaXplorer, I was unable to delete the 2 files there (jfbconnectauth.php and jfbconnectauth.xml), and was therefore unable to reinstall the plugin.

Please delete those files, install the plugin, and enable it.  It's the same issue that's been described here before.  Without that plugin, you'll get the infinite loop because the login module tries to authenticate, there's no authentication, so it 'fails' login, redirects to the home page where the login modules tries to authenticate again.

The authentication plugin is in the JFBConnect zip file in the admin/packages directory.

The primary issue we've seen the redirect loops occur is when both the Namespace and Authentication plugins are not enabled:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.php?f=38&t=86&rb_v=viewtopic&start=20#p887">http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.ph ... rt=20#p887</a><!-- m -->

Please ensure they are.  If so, can you send me the login information to the backend of your site so we can investigate further?  Sending us a IM (not posting your credentials to this forum) is the best method to do that.

The very first line of that whole thread is:
Do not post bugs/issues/problems to this post. It is not monitored as it's almost impossible to track bug status here. Please search for an already posted bug, or create a new post.

Looking quickly, if you're talking about the redirect error, the below post may be your solution.  There are multiple other things mentioned there that have been resolved in other threads where people read and understood the directions of these forums.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.php?f=38&t=86&rb_v=viewtopic&start=20#p887">http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.ph ... rt=20#p887</a><!-- m -->

If you'd like to describe your problem IN A NEW THREAD, we'll be glad to help you.  Please don't do it here because you subject line is not descript of a problem and would not help anyone else in the future to know if this relates to their problem.

Good luck.  If you look through the forums, we are the last response to about 99% of all messages.  We are very active and try to help everyone who tries to help us keep things organized.

I thought i got rid of most of those &  's before, but it's possible one's missed.  The only I'm seeing I wouldn't think is affecting you from your description, but possibly I'm mis-reading it.

When you say it's on Facebook login, you're saying when you click the blue "Connect" button and login that way, correct?  This isn't the auto-logging in..?

Either way, the one suggestion I have right now, is to look in the components/com_jfbconnect/helpers/facebookhelper.php file and add the ', false' statement on line 152 as below:
    $mainframe->redirect(JRoute::_($return), false);

Again, I don't think this is your issue.  If you could say whether it's only for new users or FB users logging back in, and the exact method, we'll try to help further.

You're logging out using the JFBCLogin module?  When you logout are you seeing the blue box stating that you're being logged out of Facebook?

I'm not sure what you mean by it "does not update the new login back to JomSocial"

So is this set up so that JFBCLogin is set to redirect on user login to the users CB Profile page, or is it set not to redirect (and just reload the current page)?

Thank you for the input.  We'll investigate how we're generating that link and figure out where the itemid is going.

I'm not sure what you're asking or saying here.  If you could explain what you mean by "Access to your Facebook account", that would greatly help.

As for CB, we have a test release out there and are fixing bugs as we find them.  We're not recommending it be used on a production site yet, but will definitely notify you when we think it's ready for prime-time.

Thanks for your feedback on the CB portion of the component.  The integration portion was written before we added the new registration form.  I'd assume we could now check the user-confirmation setting in CB and send the email (for the user to confirm).  We can also just force it to auto-authorize them.  Will likely make it an option.

What does the "Syncrhonize users" function do, do you know?  We can investigate more, but I'm not readily familiar with that aspect of CB.

The login module has quite a few fixes we need to implement, and those links is on the list.  The other is to break it up more to allow for much easier template overrides in the future.

Thanks for the help.  If you would, when responding to this (or if you find other bugs).. start a new post.  It's impossible to track issues in here as there's no cohesive way to see what's being discussed and status.

Yeah, never thought of that.  While there's not a configuration option for that right now, here's how you could do it yourself if so inclined.

In the following file: /plugins/authentication/jfbconnectauth.php, update line 68 to whatever name you'd want to use:
    $response->username = "fb_".$fbUserId;

In your case, changing it to the following should do what you're looking for.
    $response->username = $fbUser['first_name']."_".$fbUserId;

PLEASE, make a backup of this file after you change it.  Installing a new version of JFBConnect will overwrite the file and undo your change (shouldn't affect any users already created), so with each installation you'd need to re-do this change.  Sorry for that inconvenience.  We'll try to add a configuration option in an upcoming release.

Also, please test and report any issues you find!

On a side note, I'm glad to see you're using the pseudo-user feature.  We're always curious to see who is, as it seems like most people aren't.

I'm sorry if you feel support is very bad.  I originally said that it was a PHP4 issue, which you disputed.  Through emails (not on this forum), you sent me your login information to your site, and indeed, you are using PHP4.

Please upgrade to PHP5.  It is a requirement of the component.  I can not help you to upgrade to PHP5.  Please contact your web service host to determine the best method to upgrade.

This is almost always a PHP4 issue.  Facebook Connect does not support PHP4, only PHP5.  The post below may be able to help you more:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.php?f=38&t=71&p=439&rb_v=viewtopic">http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.ph ... =viewtopic</a><!-- m -->

Ahh, we got so excited when we set it up to map fields, we never tested the case where you'd only want the avatar and no fields.

If you can, please add the following 2 bold lines at the bottom to the following file:
components/com_jfbconnect/helpers/jomsocial.php, line 46:
    foreach($fbFieldMap as $fbField)
        $fbFieldArray = explode('.', $fbField);
        $fbFields[] = $fbFieldArray[0];
    if (empty($fbFields))

Let us know if that works for you.  It will also be in the next release.

While I said I wouldn't be monitoring this thread, I guess I lied.  Great questions, and feedback/questions about implementation here work.  Bug reports though should have their own thread.


not to be a buzzkill, but doesn't that kind of take away the FB connect aspect of it?
I mean you're essentially forcing registration.
Not that I mind it at all, but it kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

No. We aren't forcing registration, we leave that up to you.  There is an option in JFBConnect to 'Create New Users'.  While that name will probably be updated (cause it's sort of confusing), if it's set to no, then your users will still have an account created for them.. but will not have a Joomla-specific password or username.. their username defaults to fb_(their FB user id) and the ONLY way to log into your site using that account is to do it through their Facebook credentials.

In this case though, there's no way to get the users email address since we still can't get it from Facebook, but depending on your needs, this may be the right path for you.  Integration to JomSocial and CB works just like normal, and you can always redirect them on registration to their profile page to update their email address.

Unfortunately, we just found a bug with this mode.  If you want to test, please uncomment (remove the #) the 2 require_once lines in the /components/com_jfbconnect/controller.php file at lines 20, 21.  It will be fixed in the next release! current/smile

No problem.  The infinite redirect thing is a pain.  It's not in the test release yet, but in the next version we're trying to make a check on the JFBConnect admin home page that will alert you if the plugins aren't enabled.

Hopefully, this will help fix everyone's issue current/smile

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