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Actually, the most proper way to set the message would be like so:


include_once (JPATH_ROOT.DS.'components'.DS.'com_jfbconnect'.DS.'helpers'.DS.'facebookhelper.php');
$fbClient = JFBConnectFacebookHelper::getFbClient(); //setup the Facebook client library
if ($fbClient->user) // Check if Facebook thinks there's a user logged in
   JFBConnectFacebookHelper::setFacebookMessage("is doing something");

The first lines I put will probably work too, but I haven't tested them on their own.  Everywhere in our code, we've already verified the user exists, and just want to make sure I don't steer you wrong.

Carl, great to hear from ya.  We made a somewhat-shout out to you in this new version by doing a check for your plugin. Hope it helps get more visibility for you. We'd love to have more add-ons created current/smile  Let us know if you see any issues with it.  We only tested the check briefly, and can update it in the next one if you have suggestions.

As for the status messages, we tried to make it pretty darn simple. Just do:


    include_once (JPATH_ROOT.DS.'components'.DS.'com_jfbconnect'.DS.'helpers'.DS.'facebookhelper.php');
    JFBConnectFacebookHelper::setFacebookMessage("is doing something");

The setFacebookMessage call will do the proper checking to ensure that the admin has allowed 3rd parties to add status messages, will ensure it's not blank, and then ensure that Facebook accepts it properly (user allows status updates from the app) and catch any errors.  Basically, just fire and forget with no return status for now.
Do look at this post which describes some minor issues with status updates for now:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.php?f=38&t=480&rb_v=viewtopic#p2247">http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.ph ... opic#p2247</a><!-- m -->

As for going for JomSocial only, I wouldn't argue with you on creating something specific for JomSocial. We're planning on updating our JFBCInvite to have a setting to work with JomSocial or JFBConnect so it's one module to fit them both.  Then as we add features, it should hopefully work across both as well, which makes it easier than having 2 separate packages out there.  As for JFBConnect, we'll be the first to admit this release took too long.  We have a bunch more feature ideas, and we really want to focus on tighter integration between Joomla and Facebook stuff whereas JomSocial is, in a way, trying to recreate Facebook on the Joomla site.  We love JS though, not knocking it, just different end goals.  Also, we work with CB (and have a few sites working using AEC now too), so that's a wider audience you can target.

Either way, let us know if you have any issues working with the new version or any questions.  We really cleaned up the code with this release, which was necessary to start wooing more 3rd party devs and promoting it even more.  While there's no documentation yet, we'll try to come up with a few pointers.

In the future, please create a new thread to discuss problems/features.

I copied this to another topic already, as it's a suggestion we will definitely work to improve in the next release:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.php?f=38&t=481&start=0&rb_v=viewtopic">http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.ph ... =viewtopic</a><!-- m -->

We will look into using the language file much more in the next release.  Originally, this component had no pages at all, and worked 'behind the scenes'. As we added functionality, we were lazy with the language files/strings.

We'll try to correct this going forward, and thanks for mentioning it.

This was originally posted by AnyWay in a somewhat unrelated thread.  Pushing it here to respond.
It would be fine to have all english strings in the language file (.ini).
Each time i upgrade the component, i need find english strings under its file (.php) and change them manually.
Also, facebook's URL ends with en_EN, so the language is english; it would be fine to choose it, so we can put it_IT or what we need.

Great job, thank you.

Oh.  If you want to test with your user account that already exists, you can enable status updates manually by:
- Logging into your Facebook account that's already connected/mapped to your site
- At the top, go to "Settings->Application Settings"
- Use the "Show" dropdown and select "Authorized"
- Find your application name, and click "Edit Settings"
- Go to the "Additional Permissions" tab and check "Publish recent activity (one line stories) to my wall"

Now, login messages should be posted to your profile.

Again, let us know what works/doesn't.

The user plugin should have been installed with this version, but needs to be enabled.  Try going to your plugins page to see if you can find the "User - JFBConnect User" plugin and enable it.  We can try to make it more clear in the next version what the x means (whether it's not installed, or simply not enabled).

The user plugin takes care of:
- Importing the user's profile on registration & login
- Setting the status message

Facebook requires approval for status messages to be sent from an application.  The only place we ask for this right now is during the initial registration.. so for now, this would only work for new users.  However, we're working on ways to allow you to ask your users post-registration for the right to post on their wall.

So... to fix your issue, enable the plugin.. and then try to register on the site and let us know what happens.  Again, this is a new feature, so there may be instances where it doesn't work perfectly.  If you run into one of these cases, let us know.  We'll get it fixed.

The release is out now, and you should have received an email/PM from SourceCoast notifying you of it.

Currently on CMS Market, when you purchase something, you have access to it for as long as their are updates.  The only reason we could see modifying the product and creating a new one (requiring a new purchase) is for Joomla 1.6.  However, from our initial investigations of the changes that would be required, we likely will just have one mega-version which works in 1.5 and 1.6.  In short, if you've purchased it, you'll be able to download updates for a long time.

Great deal, eh?

Its out now.  There was a lot that changed in this release, so please test on a dev site first (always a recommendation with any component).

Enjoy, and let us know how it goes!

JFBConnect actually bypasses the standard CB registration form and imports the user profile data from Facebook automatically.  This is meant to cut down on the registration process which, in many cases, turns prospective users away.

The upcoming 2.5 release has improvements for user login's which improve compatibility with AEC, and should also help in the case of CB Subs.

Wow, that's great timing, and a terrible problem.  Thanks for reporting it, it will definitely be in the 2.5 release.

Thank you very much for reporting it.  We test with a handful of Facebook accounts, which obviously were created a while ago (hence, lower FB Ids), and would have missed this.  The next version will automatically update the column (for previous users) to the larger size on installation.

It shouldn't be logging you out of Facebook when you close your browser.  That's never been a capability of the software.

We're updating the login routines quite extensively for the new version (due out within a day or so).  This may help fix the problem.. However, try recreating this issue on our demo site.  It's using 2.1.2 and if we log into Facebook with the "Keep me logged in" box set, go to the demo site and log in there, then close the browser... when we start it back up if we go to Facebook, we're still logged in.

Let us know if you're seeing something different on the demo site, because that is strange.

The next version does handle log-outs better (you can even use any login modules 'logout' button without forcing you out of Facebook!)

If you're getting the pop-up to appear, and then the 3 dots (after logging in), that's usually a conflict or communications problem with your site and Facebook.  As for conflicts, both the JomSocial version and JFBConnect should not be enabled at the same time.  You should only be using one component to integrate Facebook into your site.

Let us know if you can't get it going.  We'll do what we can to help.

Can you try to uninstall/disable those new components?  JFusion definitely hooks into the user database quite a bit.  It's possible they're hijacking some requests we make during authentication process.

Actually.. try looking at your authentication plugins and see if JFBConnect is after any JFusion plugins.  If so, move JFBConnect to before them.  That may help.  Please let us know what you find.

We're sorry for the delay.  We overhauled a little more of the component than we anticipated, and added some nifty new features.  We're busily testing right now, and are hoping to get it out by the end of this weekend.

We'll be sending an update notice through CMS Market to let you know when it's available.

Make sure you have the JFBConnect Namespace plugin enabled.  That's usually the cause of the missing logo.  If not, it's usually a javascript error on your page that's preventing it from showing.

If you can link to the page with the Login Module published, we can usually diagnose the issue quickly.

What is your setting for "Create New Users"? It should be Yes, from what you state, but I just want to make sure.

A new user is getting created, as you say.  However, can you check the JFBConnect UserMap tab in the admin area?  This should show the user's Facebook user id (a long number) and their Joomla username on your site.  If there is no entry here, then that's why when you log in again it doesn't know you already have an account.

- Do you have any User plugins that perform redirects after a successful registration?  That can prevent the usermap from happening.
- What are your settings for approving new users and new user confirmation emails within CB?  Neither should be causing this issue, but it may help pinpoint the problem

Which setting are you using for "Create New Users" in JFBConnect?

I'm not sure what could be causing this.  Can you send me a link to your home page?  If that doesn't help come up with a resolution, I would need access to the admin area of your site.

The next release (due within a few days/early next week if testing progresses well) has the "Remember me" function for Joomla user's logging in through the JFBCLogin module.

I'm not sure where that's set.  We don't set the local=en_EN within the application, so my guess is that this is occurring within your FB application itself.

This bug has been fixed in the upcoming release.  We're going through testing, but are hoping to have a release out within a few days/early next week if everything goes smoothly.

We began (and still are) investigating your radio site.  It's very strange what's happening.  We've never seen the admin area say that the session is expired like it is on your site.  If we trade out your key with a development key we have, it shows the correct application and callback information.  If we use your key in one of our dev sites, it shows correctly too.  For some reason, it's like your site doesn't like the Facebook application.

The new error your describing below is caused when you're using other Facebook extensions on your site that use the Facebook php library.  This can be from JomSocial or 'fan'-type modules.

The next version of JFBConnect will properly check if the library's already been instantiated and not throw the error like it is there.  If you'd like to add the check yourself for now, you can try the following:
In the /components/helpers/facebookhelper.php file, around line 136, add the following bold statement:
if (!class_exists('FacebookRestClient'))

Sorry for the inconvenience.  We'll let you know what we determine about your other issue.

No, we haven't. Unfortunately, in this thread and another regarding image issues, we've been pleading for someone to send us some Super Admin credentials so we can get to the bottom of the problem.  We can't recreate it locally, which makes it near impossible to debug.

If you are experiencing this problem, please PM (------>) us an account for your site.  We may change some code on the JFBConnect component and install NinjaXplorer (to allow us to browse the Joomla filesystem).  That would be all.

Other post:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.php?f=38&t=305&rb_v=viewtopic&start=10#p2106">http://www.cmsmarket.com/forum/index.ph ... t=10#p2106</a><!-- m -->

That's definitely not good/right.  I can recreate it pretty easily myself.

Can you PM me a Super Admin account for either site?  I'd like to check a few things, and test some of the new code from our upcoming release. We also may try a proven API/Secret key to see if that doesn't have the issue so that we can eliminate your FB app as a source of the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we'll get you up and running.

There's another report of a (different) issue regarding using JFBConnect with CB when "Create New Users" is set to 'no'.  We're investigating these presently, and will keep you posted as to what we find.

Thanks for the report!

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