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Aug-17-18 21:35:24
Error with jfb connect
Category: JFBConnect

I receive this error many times since a couple of weeks. I verify all settings and I do not find what happens.
I can send to you all the details in private area.
A PHP Exception occurred on your site. Here you can find the stack trace:

Exception Type: DomainException
File: /home/aeetee30/public_html/components/com_jfbconnect/libraries/joomla/oauth1/client.php
Line: 194
Message: Bad request token!

Can you help me about that?

Joomla 3.8.11
PHP, version 7.2.8
Last version of JFB connect

Apr-24-18 04:07:38
After upgrade jfb connect and autotune
Category: JFBConnect

I use autotune and I see this message (screen capture) What can I do about that ?

Nov-14-17 16:41:55
How can I add space in the window for connecting and disconnecting

You can close this ticket and thank you again for your fast answer. For now I will working on opengraph Ouf I think that it is very difficult to understand .

Nov-14-17 16:40:21
How can I add space in the window for connecting and disconnecting

Thank you for your answer.
Yes I see your user profile and I must activate it before you can use it. I do that and for now you can identify on our site. Before any use and after the activation from email I configure the site for restrict access only after I activate the user.
I correct the problem with alignment in my custom.scss
I add these lines
.sclogin {
    text-align: center;
I know that your solution works also.

Because I do not subscribe (my error) to that topic I do not see your answer before I find the solution.

Nov-13-17 16:42:09
How can I add space in the window for connecting and disconnecting

See the images. I want to add more spaces around all the login and disconnect in modal window.


Nov-13-17 16:36:16
Error OAutho
Category: JFBConnect

Wow what a fast answer. Thank you very much, that's all correct for me.

Nov-13-17 16:17:04
Error OAutho
Category: JFBConnect

I just test and all works fine.
Thank you.
For me this support ticket is closed. But I want to understand why you explain in step 15 that I can put many lines but in Facebook Developer I cannot do that.

Nov-13-17 16:12:59
Error OAutho
Category: JFBConnect

Ok I adjust the line with the example, but I cannot add any line at this place.
For now it works but will made other tests for login with sclogin. For now it works if I use connect from Komento.

Nov-13-17 15:17:12
Error OAutho
Category: JFBConnect

Thank you for your fast answer. I joined a screen capture of my settings in Facebook Login and I want where an how I can add the lines in step 15 ?


Nov-13-17 06:09:16
Error OAutho
Category: JFBConnect

When I clic on facebook icon at bottom of ScLogin, I receive an error, see image joined.
Translation of the message :
Blocked URL: This redirection failed because the redirection URI is not allowed in the OAuth client settings of the application. Make sure OAuth client and web credentials are enabled and add all domains in your app as valid OAuth Redirect URLs.

How can I correct that ? For now I must deactivate this tool .

Nov-10-17 05:09:07
SSL Certificate for Facebook
Category: JFBConnect

I try to use page tab application for Facebook but it does not work.
I have already a SSL certificate for my joomla site. I want to know if I must use SSL certficate specifically for using this feature.
If not, how can I use this page tab ?
See the image .

Jan-28-16 16:01:34
Facebook like does not appear
Category: JFBConnect

All works fine on browsers: Opera, Safari, Chrome on Mac
and all works fine with Explorer on PC

BUT no icons except Google and Twitter on Firefox on Mac and PC

Have you any idea about what happens ?

I think that is rely to do not follow strategie of Firefox. I deactivate it on Mac and my social icons appears.

Jan-28-16 14:36:42
Facebook like does not appear
Category: JFBConnect

In the url https://aeetee.ca

I cannot view the social icons with my articles and k2 element. Yesterday after installing the new site, it seems that all works fine but this morning I can only view twitter and Google Plus.
I want to have the social Facebook icon above the article and the element.
I try many things but I cannot find where I can correct this problem.

I verify all information in jfbconnect run the autotune and search for errors. All is ok.


Can you help me?

Apr-01-15 13:56:36
Sclogin does not work and wrong subscription date
Category: JFBConnect

In my site, I install the last version of jfbc connect and sclogin.
I try to use sclogin in an article and in an element in K2.
The two integration does not work well. The button for connecting with the joomla information does not work at all. When I want to use the button for connecting with Facebook the script seems to work correctly but it turns always without stop. I delete the two and use the k2 use with jfbconnect, I have the same problem.
When I install the last version and autotune with the correct ID, the subscription end date was not correct. I do not know if it is a problem but the expiration date was always there.
Autotune turn without any visible problem.
I already contact you last week but no answer at all.
Last version of joomla (3.4.1) and all my extensions are up to date.

How can I correct that ?
Url: https://aeetee.ca

Thank you in advance if you have any idea for helping me about these problems.

Feb-27-14 19:11:16
I try to configure but I do not resolve the problem
Category: JFBConnect

Ok thank you very much and I investigate about that.

Feb-26-14 12:26:29
I try to configure but I do not resolve the problem
Category: JFBConnect

In a few articles Joomla, the icons appear some times but not always. In K2 nothing appear.
I clear the Firefox cache,the cache in Joomla administrator. I deactivate the gantry cache, I reinstall the 5.2.2 version and after each try randomly the icons appear in some Joomla articles but never in K2 item. I reinstall the last version 6.0.1 with the same result in Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox. When the icons appear I see that the page charges the jfbconnect but just a few times.  I am waiting for a solution but I think also to deinstall this extension, too complicated for me.
I switch temporarily to beez5 and all works fine. I suppose that the problem is with my template rt_enigma from RocketTheme but I do not know where I can correct that.

Feb-26-14 09:46:53
I try to configure but I do not resolve the problem
Category: JFBConnect

I verify this morning here and I have no conflict with error check. I configure the social for displaying the buttons in each item at bottom and nothing appear. What can I do for correcting that?
I try to reinstall version 5.2.2 and all works fine.
I use K2, version 2.6.7 , Joomla 2.5.18 template rt_enigma
Please any help is welcome.

Feb-25-14 21:27:14
I try to configure but I do not resolve the problem
Category: JFBConnect

I install the new version of jfb connect and now no icons at all in my element view. I do not understand what happens. I just want to display the button of Twitter, Google and Facebook in each element view. Sure I do not understand correctly but I try many things and nothing works.
Thank you in advance.

Apr-30-13 12:56:49
I receive an email without any action from me
Category: JFBConnect

I do not click on anything in this message.
Thank you very much for your fast and efficient answer.
I had already leave a rating on JED and I can repeat how I appreciate your excellent support and excellent extension.
Thank you again.

Apr-29-13 21:04:53
I receive an email without any action from me
Category: JFBConnect

I had already verified that and I reverified again. All is normal and correct. Thank you for the alerts, it's easy and I do not think about that.

I do not understand why I receive this email. I will check more often now.

Thank you for your fast answer it is very good.

Support extraordinaire et rapide, merci.

Apr-29-13 20:24:05
I receive an email without any action from me
Category: JFBConnect

I am the sole admin of this site and I do nothing for receiving this email this evening:
App settings for Aeetee (app id = 468778629812337) changed by Emil Hesslow from on Mon, 29 Apr 2013 13:00:28 -0700 Changed settings: Old Value New Value icon_handle 02RgQHBaprBGUHC3EAABNajjsGEr7-L4Nwbmc: Fm3_DABlAb1-t-0BAGTRLntuIAgAAAM: logo_handle 02RgQHBaprBHMH_3MAAP5ptmgGJvxjYoNwbmc: Fnv_DAA63u9-t-0BACll1BluIAgAAAM: page_tab_handle FoL_DAAPuyKAt-0BAMYh81RuIAgAAAI:

What is it?
I do not know who is Emil Hesslow and this ip was very strange. I change nothing about Facebook on my site since last week.
If it is normal that's correct but I want to know.
Also I have always the message for february change and I do all recommandation in the site, this email is about that or not?
I know that I have not the knowledge for understanding that but that's the first time I receive this type of email without any action from me.

Apr-07-13 16:16:34
Only joining the existing user and the facebook user
Category: JFBConnect

I want to only display the coorect fields for the facebook user to indicate the good user and email already created in Joomla.
I try many things but I cannot correct that.
I do not permit the creation of new user in Joomla user parameter but the screen show the two  (user and password) and the new create user account.
I want to ONLY join the facebook user with already created user by me (Administrator)
Can I do that and how?
I use Joomla 2.5.9 and K2 2.5.6

I try to change the parameters in K2 and in jfbconnect. I try also with sclogin and now I use K2 user for login but I cannot remove the create user fields.


Nov-25-12 20:38:16
I want to translate the phrase: 49 people like this.
Category: JFBConnect

Thank you for your answer. I will wait for Facebook.

Nov-25-12 11:12:15
I want to translate the phrase: 49 people like this.
Category: JFBConnect

Oups, the translation is not correct now. I do not understand but a few hours ago that's correct and now not.
I am talking about recommendationbar at the bottom of my front page at: http://aeetee.ca


Nov-25-12 09:30:54
I want to translate the phrase: 49 people like this.
Category: JFBConnect

Another problem for translation.
See the image.
Same question : If I can change it where
Thank you in advance for your help, it is very appreciate. http://www.sourcecoast.com/components/com_agora/img/members/8708/Sign-Up.jpeg

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