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Thanks alzander for your fast reply.  Now I set the test site online for your test. 

1.I try to change template and it does not see problem. 
2.It will show error when I go to the page which have video such as this page http://testsite.clearacne.biz/index.php … ;Itemid=44 but it will not show the error if I disable JFBCSystem plugin.  I can see the video but it will break my template if I use ie8 to see this page.

I try to go to your site with ie7 but it does not see problem also.

Hope this help you find the problem.

I can access my site normally now after I disable System - JFBCSystem plugin.  So I try to install my cloning site and this problem show also.  Here is my cloning site "testsite.clearacne.biz" and I sent username password to your pm if you want to access my cloning site to test.

I just test my site with IE7 because some of our customer complain that they cannot access my site and this error show when I access my web with IE7.


Here is my website "www.clearacne.biz"

Thanks alzander.  What is this mean?  Where can I check this?  "2) That the URL and Picture URL above are valid. If not, Facebook may reject the update. You may also want to test with those removed altogether."

Hi alzander, Now I try to login with facebook and see at my wall but it's not update or post anything.  Here is my setting and I think maybe I have account at mysite.


If this is what I can't see the message at my facebook wall.  How can I see other member wall who register at my site or how can I know who use jfbconnect to register at my site?


Thanks alzander. Please take a look for me because I will use your button to replace with facebook connect from jomsocial but I don't know about the code much.  I have to use this module because it has link like this image.  http://www.sourcecoast.com/components/com_agora/img/members/5326/2554-08-12-1107.png

very cool alzander.  Can I do this with mod hello me (jomsocial login module)?  where can I add {JFBCLogin} tag?

I would like to add {JFBCLogin} to virtuemart's login module.  Please suggest me.

Can this link show like this http://www.sourcecoast.com/components/com_agora/img/members/5326/2011-08-10-2230.png when I use jfbconnect?  Because it will take our customer to their purchase history and they can mange their account here.  I try to login with jfbconnect and I didn't see anywhere to go to this page.

I found the problem that it conflict with like box module from another developer.  I disable and use your jfbfanbox and it's ok.

It's show like button now after I go to set at the jfbconnect component.

Now I use jfbconnect 3.4 and see at the plugin like this "A plugin to automatically add the JFBC System tags for like and comments to an article, section blog, category blog or frontpage layout. " but I cannot see and button at the content or anywhere of my website.

Hi alzander.  Now I install jfbconnect and try to click login with facebook but nothing happen http://screencast.com/t/TjtDp32z2S .  Here is my website www.clearacne.biz.  Please suggest me to solve this.

Thanks alzander for your prompt reply and it's still show this error when I install plg_authentication_jfbconnectauth_j1.5_v3.4.0.tar.gz
        It was not possible to copy the selected file.
        JInstaller::install: ไม่สามารถคัดลอกไฟล์: /home/acnethai/domains/clearacne.biz/public_html/tmp/install_4e40c52a1d3bf/jfbconnectauth.php สู่ /home/acnethai/domains/clearacne.biz/public_html/plugins/authentication/jfbconnectauth.php

But I can install other plugin normally.

hello alzander,

I purchase your component as I promised with you at this link http://www.sourcecoast.com/forums/jfbco … to-joomla. Now I install your component and It's show "        It was not possible to copy the selected file.
        JInstaller::install: ไม่สามารถคัดลอกไฟล์: /home/acnethai/domains/clearacne.biz/public_html/administrator/components/com_jfbconnect/packages/install_4e40987c3fa13/jfbconnectauth.php to /home/acnethai/domains/clearacne.biz/public_html/plugins/authentication/jfbconnectauth.php"

    ERROR: Could not install the JFBConnect Facebook Authentication Plugin. Please install manually.

What's the problem and how I can install manually?  Sorry for purchase your component too late because I would like to wait your new version.

Jul-10-11 21:06:08
Category: JFBConnect

Hello Alex, I think I will purchase jfbconnect to use at my site but can you tell me the way to show testimonials like jfbconnect homepage because I would like to add every post from facebook to show at this area. http://www.sourcecoast.com/components/com_agora/img/members/5326/2011-07-09-0954.png

The big problem I see when I use JomSocial's Facebook integration is
1.Members are hard to login with this integration.  maybe they have to try login two or three times when they want to login and sometime they cannot.  The pop up will disappear after they try to login but it's not success.
2.It's not remember login.  They have to login every time when they come to my site. 
Is there any problem with jfbconnect?

Jul-08-11 22:59:13
Category: JFBConnect

Thanks for your reply alzander.  I see at your facebook page that Thomas Lee post there but it's not show at your module and this what I want.


Sorry for this question.  I would like to ask you that what is this module you use at your site?

Now I use JomSocial's Facebook integration and would like to know what's the different with JFBConnect?

Jul-08-11 00:48:54
Category: JFBConnect

Now I create facebook page and many people post on my facebook page's wall. So can I show all of the message from people who post on my wall like the image at your module? I would like to show these at my site because they go to review our product at my facebook wall page.


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