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Have purchased Jlinked, having some issues with getting the registration / import to work correctly with community builder.

We have a registration form with seperate first and last name fields, we need this as a requirement of the website.

When we he it have it setup like this, users aren't imported properly into community builder, none of their user details are imported and the activation code in activation email is blank, i noticed you have a support article mentioning that this is caused when a required field is missing.

I have tried setting it up so that all fields are shown on registration, the first and last name fields are being filled correctly, yet still registration doesn't work properly, i even tried manually entering first and last name at this stage and no joy.

What is really frustrating is it works fine when we set community builder up to use just a single name field.

Is this a restriction or a bug ? anyone else having this issue ? any ideas how to solve it ?


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I am having the same problems too.
Looking forward to your response.
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Very sorry for the delayed response.

Honestly, we've never heard of this issue before. I'm not sure what's causing it, but we'll have to look into it further. Right now, we're no longer developing JLinked and are migrating all users to JFBConnect. There should be the same LinkedIn features in JFBConnect as there were in the last release of JLinked, as well as a ton of other features and improvements. If you haven't already, I'd recommend going to the "My Downloads" area, getting JFBConnect and then following the JLinked migration guide to upgrade to JFBConnect.

I don't think that will fix your issue directly.. but it may since, as mentioned, we haven't heard of this issue before. We will test and try to diagnose what may be going wrong with the split name fields though and try to get you a solution soon.

A few final questions though:
* What version of Community Builder are you using?
* Do you have an additional plugins for CB that may be altering how the default profile/registration flow normally works?

The topic has been locked.
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