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8 years 7 months ago #39526 by dajo82
I'm trying to implement the following login/registration process:

1. Login via LinkedIn with JLinked
2. Pull information from the user's LinkedIn profile with JLinked (e.g., education, summary, etc)
3. Go to the Jomsocial registration page which allows them to edit the fields we pulled from LinkedIn and prompts the user about what type of profile they are.
4. Takes them to the next page of jomsocial registration for additional questions we want to ask them based on #3 (e.g., skills and specialties they have)
5. Complete the login/registration process by taking the user to their jomsocial profile page.

After the user logs in via LinkedIn, how do I tell JLinked it needs to go to the jomsocial registration page? Currently, it takes the user to some registration page that looks like its JLinked's with this message: "Welcome Roger! Thanks for signing in using LinkedIn.." (screenshot attached).

Is there a way to override this? Or have JLinked go to the jomsocial registration (which has multiple pages)?

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8 years 7 months ago #39545 by alzander
JLinked doesn't have the ability to use JomSocial's registration flow right now. We did just add a Choose Your Own Registration Flow option in JFBConnect v5.2.

The next major release of JFBConnect will incorporate all of JLinked's features and will offer the same registration flow options that you're looking for. That release will be out in early 2014. At that time, JLinked will be deprecated, and all subscribers to it will be transferred to JFBConnect.

Unfortunately, for now with LinkedIn registration and JLinked, there isn't an option to directly use the JomSocial registration flow. What you can do is set the New User Redirection to go to the user's Profile and have them edit it after their account is created. That gives them the option to update any values as necessary after their account has been automatically created.

I hope that helps explain, but if you have any other questions, just let me know.

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