Topic-icon I would like to add my company Id in the JlinkedApply tag

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8 years 8 months ago - 8 years 8 months ago #39080 by fassinouroger
Here is the code:

{JLinkedApply companyid=myId [email protected] jobtitle=Designer joblocation=Lake Shore Campus, TX phone=false}

I would like to put my company id but my problem is that I don't know how to find my comany Id on LinkedIn.
Any help ??
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Sorry for the delay in getting back to this. The easiest (though awkward) way to get your company ID is the following:
* Go to the Apply Button configuration tool
* Type in your company name and select it from the drop down
* Add an email address and title for the 'position' you're creating (this can all be fake)
* Hit the "Get Code" button

In the bottom textbox, you'll see the code for the Apply button. In there will be a line like data-companyid="365848" . That's your company ID.

Sorry it's so confusing. There used to be a way to fetch the ID from your actual company page on LinkedIn, but it seems like they removed that.

The topic has been locked.
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