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Topic-icon Jlinked issues with JFBconnect - can we have a 'slim' Jlinked?

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7 years 11 months ago - 7 years 11 months ago #39701 by yorron
Hello Alex,
i've search the forum for an answer to this and haven't found one, so i'm posting and i'll try to make it as clear as i can.

i have a site with JFBconnect & Jlinked, both used for loging in via the SClogin module: (hebrew). currently Jlinked is disabled, from the reasons i will mention now. i'm having problems when trying to connect my linkedin profile to existing users on my site.

i have both Jlinked and JFBconnect configuration set to automaticlly connect the user to an existing joomla user by email. i've installed Jlinked long-time ago (JFBconnect was already working proparly) but have just lately come to implement login with Linkedin.

after runing into some difficulties, iv'e created a new Linkedin app and updated the components details. now i tried to login with linkedin and it went well - the site recognized my email address and connected my Linkedin account to my existing account on the site.

then the problems started when i tested login with linkedin after i've already connect my FB account.

when i tried to connect my Linkedin account to an already existing Joomla+JFBconnect user, i got this error message: "the email adress is already registered" - BUT - a new Jlinked user WAS created, and when i refreshed the page i was logged in with my linkedin account.

then i tried someting else - i deleted the Jlinked user - and did the same thing as before - but now i tried to connect THE SAME linkedin profile to A DIFFERENT existing user on my site (also with a FB profile connected).
now i didn't get redirected back to the site after "allowing" the app. when i hit the "back" button i got a 404 page. BUT - still, a new Jlinked user WAS created, and when i refreshed the page i was logged in....

so it's possible that i'm doing something wrong here, pleas help me in the right direction if this is the case, but i think that there's some sort of problem.

but this made me think about something that i would like to sugges as a customer that really likes your products and uses them on multipal sites - i feel that for me there's no need for using 2 different componenets. since JFBconnect already implemented both Twitter and Google+ authentication, my "wish" is for it to also include Linkedin authentication.
that would prevent some conflicts that may rise when using both components together.

althoug Jlinked has more features then just the login - i would give up on them if it meant easier setup of both FB and Linkedin together.
hope you would consider it for a new implementation in future releases of JFBconnect.

in the meantime, would appriciate any advice on this for now.

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We've already announced that JLinked will be fully integrated into JFBConnect with the next major release (in early 2014). At that point, JLinked will be discontinued as a standalone product. That will make development, support, and setup easier for everyone, and we'll be excited when it's all ready. Feel free to keep an eye on our blog for such announcements!

Now, as to your problem, I'm honestly not sure what's happening. But here are a few things to check:
1) Make sure you're on the latest release of JLinked.
2) After you install JLinked, install JFBConnect again. Your settings in both will remain. JFBConnect has a newer version of our "SourceCoast Library". If you install JLinked 2nd, you'll actually downgrade the library and that could cause some of your issues.
3) For the "the email adress is already registered", try enabling the "Automatically connect users by email". That should link the 2 accounts automatically if the Joomla and LinkedIn email are the same.

As for the "JLinked User", do you just mean that a user shows up in the JLinked -> Usermap area? That area simply means there is a 'connection' between LinkedIn and a Joomla user on your site. Each row isn't necessarily a whole new user. So, it's possible the connection was made properly if there is a row within the Usermap area. You'd need to check the Joomla user that was linked to that account.

I hope that all helps explain, but if not, or you have any other questions, just let me know.

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Hi Alex,
thanks for the fast response....
i guess sometiems wishes do come true... :) i actually follow your newsletter but i guess i missed the 1 about the components integration...

i will try all the solutions you suggested, hope some helps. if not i'll wait for the combined release...

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Glad to hear we could help explain. If you do run into issues, or need to get something going now, just let us know.

We're definitely excited about the next major release. With luck, it will be out at the end of January, but it's going to be big, and likely won't be available until February, just so you know.

Best of luck, and thanks again for the feedback!
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