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Topic-icon JLinked library update .... which file?

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hi alex,
my joomla (2.5) update manager tells me that i need to update the JFB connect and Jlinked library to version 2.3.0 .... However I cannot find the file and my Jlinked installation tells me that everything is up to date..
also that same Jlinked extension check tells me that i have SCLogin version 3.2.1 where latest available is 3.1.1??
any clues?
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Support Specialist
8 years 2 days ago #39233 by alzander
Sorry for the confusion. Honestly, just ignore that message for now. The library has been updated due to some changes that were necessary for JFBConnect. However, those changes don't affect and aren't required for JLinked.

We're working to fix the problem by (likely) releasing a new version of JLinked over the next few weeks. There's no way to auto-update that library using the Joomla installer right now.

Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion,
The topic has been locked.
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