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Topic-icon Please take the following out of your update xml file

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JomSocial plugin for JFBConnect 5.0+ and JLinked 2.0+
<description>Social Profiles - JomSocial</description>
<infourl title="SourceCoast Social Profiles 5.2+">
<downloadurl type="full" format="zip">;id=217&dlid=
<targetplatform name="joomla" version="2.5"/>
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Support Specialist
Sorry about that. It's been updated. We're moving away from showing the Social Profile plugins in the Joomla updater since they are installed with JFBConnect and JLinked automatically. When you install JFBConnect, it removes the updater code. JLinked will re-install it again, for now though. When JLinked is rolled into JFBConnect (early next year), that problem will go away.

Thanks for pointing it out, and sorry for the trouble.

The topic has been locked.
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