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8 years 5 months ago #35148 by Norvell
Hi Alex,

I found this: "JLinked allows you to map LinkedIn profile fields into some default fields in Kunena, K2, and Agora or any text area, text field or date field that you've created within JomSocial or Community Builder. The left-hand column shows all available 3rd party fields to which you can automatically import LinkedIn profile data into. On the right, use the drop-down to select the LinkedIn profile data field that you want fetched into the 3rd party field."

I would like to map LI Industry field to Community Builed drop-down type filed, but regarding to documentation I coludn't do it.

Is there any chance to make a workaround?

Best regards,
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8 years 5 months ago #35198 by alzander
Sorry for the delayed response. It's pretty easy to add the drop-down fields to the Profiles area of JLinked so that you can map LinkedIn fields to CB. However, the problem with that is that LinkedIn's "Industry" values likely don't align with what you have as options in Community Builder. If you import values from LinkedIn into CB that aren't available as options in CB, I don't know how CB will handle that.

That's the reason we currently only support text fields and a few other specific input type values (like birthday). For Industry, on LinkedIn, I believe a user can enter any value they want, which could be a problem.

If you'd like us to help show you how to import into a select field on CB, we'll gladly do so. You'll just need to test to ensure things work how you want/expect them too.

The topic has been locked.
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