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9 years 3 weeks ago #29328 by adcvengros
Hello- I installed the Jlinked plugin and everything was going fine until I tried to set the SClinkedin as the primary sign on plugin. My site is now completely down and cannot access the front end or the back end. My developer tried removing the Jlinked plugin and now am getting this message:
Fatal error: Class 'SCLinkedIn' not found in /home/content/22/9457922/html/joomla/components/com_jlinked/libraries/linkedin.php on line 17.
I also have Jomsocial installed as well.

I am new to the web design side of things and could really use your help to get this corrected. I purchased the 6 month support but will pay extra to get this resolved. I can send cPanel/ftp login if needed.
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9 years 3 weeks ago #29365 by alzander
Replied by alzander on topic Jlinked/Joomla login error
What do you mean by "I tried to set the SClinkedin as the primary sign on plugin"? Was that just enabling our authentication, system and user plugins, or something else? You should also *not* have disabled the Joomla user or authentication plugins. If you did so, you'd need your developer to edit the database and re-enable those.

As for removing the JLinked plugin, how did he do that? Did he just delete the files? If so, that would be a problem and they'd need to be re-installed. You need to use the Joomla installer to remove plugins or go into the database and disable it there first. Otherwise, Joomla will be looking for files that don't exist.

Once the plugin that you removed is properly restored, we'll need to fix the original issue. Do you know what the original error message was that led you to remove the plugin? My guess is that the PHP cURL extension is not installed or enabled. I'd recommend you ask your developer or hosting company to check if that's installed on your server and enable it, if not.

Let me know how that goes. We can try to look into the issue more with cPanel and FTP details, but we need to get the site back to the 'original' issue first or know specifically what you've done already in order to revert those changes.

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