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9 years 1 month ago #28138 by wdsnow66
I'm a newbie, have JLinked working with Kunena well, very nice system. However, Kunena to LinkedIn field mapping is limited and we'd like to use many more fields from the full profile. I haven't loaded k2 yet, might be our solution, but first...

Does the full profile get loaded into the Joomla database and can we call fields from there?
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9 years 1 month ago #28176 by alzander
No, all the fields from LinkedIn are not automatically pulled into your database in anyway. JLinked will only pull the fields that you've 'mapped' in the Profiles configuration area.

Kunena and K2 both are 'fixed' as far as the fields they offer for you to import into. If you want a system that lets you create your own fields to import into, which will let you hopefully get the data you'd need, we'd recommend either JomSocial or Community Builder. Both are overkill for a simple profile system, but if you have to choose one, we'd recommend JomSocial.

Hope that helps explain, but if you need any more information, just let us know!

The topic has been locked.
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