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I'm using JLinked for a while, with succes.
But for a while, it doesn't import avatars anymore, so I bought a new license to get a new update and fix..
Only updated, and problem solved.

But now there is a new problem: when a new user is registering on my site, some other members are getting the administrator mail like:

Hello administrator,

A new user '...', username '....', has registered at ....

How to solve this problem??! Hope to solve this soon, because members don't like to be spammed!
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JLinked will send the new user emails to any user that is marked as "Receive System Emails" in their user account. That is a setting only available to be set in the admin area, not from the front-end.

You'll need to check if, and why, your users have that setting enabled. That setting is used by many extensions for 'system notifications' of different events, like problems detected, and by Joomla itself for notifications of new users. We're simply using that system built-in to Joomla.

Hope that helps explain. If you find that users don't have that setting enabled, let us know, and we can look into it further as a bug!

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Thanks, i will investigate it further.
The topic has been locked.
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