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I do not know the LinkedIn API, but it seems that there is no mult-language support for generating buttons like "share" and "recommend" in languages other than english, as it happens with FB... :(

Am I right?
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10 years 2 months ago #15402 by alzander
You are, unfortunately, correct. LinkedIn is very US/English-centric right now. For the backend PHP communication, there is a little support for a 'few' other languages than English (don't have them off-hand), but it's nothing like what we've seen/you may be used to with Facebook.

There are many questions about this in their support area, and answers (from much earlier this year) have said that they're hoping to have multi-lingual support out by the end of this year. We haven't seen any movement in this direction, but are definitely keeping an eye on things.

Hope that helps explain,
The topic has been locked.
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