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I think it's a good idea to have some common JFBConnect / JLinked component view for registering.

The idea: if a user clicks on the "register on this site" link, instead of beeing sent to the standard joomla user registration view, could be sent to an "extended" registration view with additional "register with facebook" and / or "register with linkedin" buttons.

In short: allow the Joomla administrator to use SC Component views for logging in and registering as a replacement of standard User Component views.

I did this by placing a SC Login Module on the Joomla User Login form (by editing its template)... but for most Joomla Admins (who do not code) would be nice to have this as "out-of-the-box". Page is in Portuguese, sorry:
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10 years 2 months ago #15092 by alzander
Definitely like the idea, and is similar to something we're already partially planning. We're just starting a plugin which will add "Connect this account to: Facebook / LinkedIn" to the user's My Details pages, as well as letting the use 'break' their connection between their accounts. The plan is to start enable an automatic integration into a few more places more easily, and I think we could do something similar to the standard Joomla user login page automatically as well. Hadn't thought about that portion, but would definitely help users out a bit instead of some of the manual things that may be necessary now.

Really like the looks of that page though, and you sold us on the idea.. now just to do it :)

Planning to release JLinked v1.0.0 next week. Excited to see it on some sites now (with not too many issues!)

Thanks again for all your feedback!
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