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9 years 2 months ago #27838 by fredvogels
Importing LinkedIn -->> Jomsocial. It has been an issue before.
Register, logging in and transferring the avatar is no problem :D
After connecting the fields of LinkedIn and Jomsocial still no export from LinkedIn -->> Jomsocial.
Any clue where I went wrong?

Best regards

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9 years 2 months ago #27853 by alzander
Can you let me know how you have the Profile plugin area setup? Mainly, the top 4-5 settings (the field mappings aren't important). There is a known issue with a very specific combination of settings that we know a fix for, but haven't released it. The change simply hasn't been tested enough yet, so we didn't want to push it out until the next big release. If your problem is the one we know about, we can help you implement a few changes that will hopefully fix the issue for you.

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9 years 1 month ago #27862 by fredvogels
Hello Alex, thanks for returning to my question.

Import Avatar on Registration: YES
Import Status: Yes
Skip JS Terms of Service: Skip
Show Profile Fields: None
Show Imported Fields: Hide
Default Profile Type: Default

Plugin JLinked Profile Integration - JomSocial is enabled. Nothing to edit there
Do you mean this?
You can register at www.backtonormandy.org with LinkediN. After thatI can upgrade you to admin
Best regards Fred
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