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Topic-icon How do I get at the non-mapped fields as they are displayed on login?

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I am trying to create a "wizard" to help users fill out their profiles when they log in.
To do this, I basically need to get at the non-mapped fields as they are being displayed on the login page.

Basically I want to say "If non-mapped field is URL then display here" or "If non-mapped field-group is CONTACT INFO then display there".

Right now, all the non-mapped fields are going into the $profileForm variable - like so:
                    foreach ($profileFields as $profileForm)
                        echo $profileForm;

Can you tell me how I can get at these fields? Many thanks!
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Just checking in to see if there is an update. Thanks!
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Sorry for the delay! I remember reading your post the other day, and had some questions.. but obviously, never asked. I'm a bit confused on what you're trying to do, honestly, but I'll explain what I can and hopefully you can clarify as necessary.

I'm pretty sure you're using JomSocial, if I remember correctly. The info below is relevant to all the profile plugins, but examples are directly from it. The $profileFields variable is created from each profile plugin enabled by calling their jlinkedProfilesOnShowRegisterForm() function. So, for JomSocial, that's in the /plugins/jlinkedprofiles/jomsocial.php file around line 67. That function basically sets some things up like the Profile Type drop-down and the Terms of Service. The actual fields are pulled (and pre-filled, if configured that way), in the getRegisterFormFields function, around line 102. You can make some mods to things there as necessary.

Finally though, with the newest release of JLinked, we overhauled the layout for the Login / Register page a bit. While it may look the same, the layout template is broken out into a Login and a Register view. The Login view can be hidden completely, if you'd want. More importantly though, there's a CSS file that is included from /components/com_jlinked/views/loginregister/tmpl/loginregister.css. With the new/cleaned up styles we're using, you may be able to target specific fields and re-arrange/style them separately.

Not sure exactly if you're trying for extra text, styling, or something else, but hopefully the above gets you started. If not, or you have questions, as always, you know where to ask!

The topic has been locked.
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