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Hi there,

I have implemented various plugins on my development site and although they are working, the data that the plugins pull into the popup windows for submission to their relevant social networks are not consistent of where they come from.

How can i make the plugins take text from the fields I want them to rather than it decide for me?

See some examples below:

Clicking the share button for LinkedIn will display "front_heading not found! - Job Details - Job Ref.: 1207-36 - Job Title: SAS Data Warehouse..." rather than the job description.

Clicking the share button for LinkedIn will display "Before the Interview" rather than the page title (Interview Tips for Jobseekers).

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9 years 5 months ago #25657 by alzander
You can use the Open Graph tags to help describe your page to Facebook or LinkedIn. In the Social -> Open Graph area, make sure those are enabled. Then, on your pages, you can set the title, description or image to use when sharing with the following tags:
{SCOpenGraph title=Title for page}
{SCOpenGraph description=Description for page}
{SCOpenGraph image=http://site.com/link-to-image.jpg}

If you don't specify the tags, JLinked or JFBConnect will guess at the best tags. On your page, your meta title and meta description are what you show for the Share button above "front_heading not found! - Job Details - Job..." I'd recommend fixing that either way, as that's just bad for SEO in general.

Hope that all makes sense, but if not, just let us know!

The topic has been locked.
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