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Hello Alex,
After experimenting with the profiles (login with Facebook and LinkedIn) things are getting mixed up.
When I use Safari to log in with the LinkedIn button it also uses an old Linkedin account which I used for testing .
When I use Firefox to log in with the LinkenIn button I am redirected to my profile made with Facbook.
Deleting the users (also in the Jlinked User map) will not help.
The Firefox version will not register any more (white screen). But after registrating ting with Facebook I get a redirect to the Facebook profile again.
So my question is: where can I delete all the information. I deleted all the cookies of this website, but it seems not to be enough.
I tried to find it on the forum with no luck.

Second question is: Does the LinkIn login always automatic update the profile?

Hope to read.
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Support Specialist
To really clear out the LinkedIn accounts, you'll want to delete the User Map connection. You don't need to delete the user though in Joomla though, though you can. Then, to tell LinkedIn that you are un-approving the application, you can login to linkedin.com and go to Settings -> Groups, Companies and Applications -> View your Applications. In there you can remove any applications that you've allowed to access your data, like your website. That will force you to approve it again the next time you login.

I'm assuming you're using JomSocial's Facebook functionality, not JFBConnects. I don't know the specifics of unlinking accounts there. However, in Facebook, you can go to Settings -> Apps and remove the website application as well. As for the redirect to the Facebook profile, again, I can't really help debug JomSocial's Facebook implementation, because I don't know how they've coded things.

That should make it so you're sure what account is logging in and verify that what should happen is happening.

Hope that helps!
The topic has been locked.
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