Post into facebook profiles,fan page & newsfeed

Post into facebook profiles,fan page & newsfeed

I bought your component a few months ago, but I suspect is now subscription is finished. Thinking now in re-newing it... we got a very little percentage of facebook logins, but...anyhow, I am wondering if you could also cover the new needs of our Non-profit with the new features implemented and great promises of your system-plugin. Here we go:
1. POSTING TO FACEBOOK: What our users (proactive volunteers) are demanding is to have posted into their facebook profiles and newsfeeds, notifications of what happens in the joomla site. Giving them the option to follow up things without needing to log in everyday on our site. At the same time is good for us because our projects are broadcasted into their social networks, so free publicity.
2. GROUP RSS SUBSCRIPTION or something like that: So, for example, people who is in the same group will be automatically subscribed to receive updates concerning that group´s matters into their facebook accounts (or will be asked to agree with it). We are also using ProjectFork, JWiki (with mediawiki), EasyBlog and soon Kunena/Agora, so we need to be able to trigger the activities in all those components to facebook (most of them come with integration to jomsocial activity stream but not to the mother social network which is facebook). So the group subscription should be applicable to the group functionality of all of those components (which unfortunately are not so integrated with each other inside joomla yet) and people will always receive newsfeeds or profile wall postings of things happening which they are concerned with from the groups/projects/teams they´ve joined in. Hope this make sense...
3. MULTIMEDIA INTEGRATION: Our next step will be a multimedia collaborative gallery and we are also thinking in integrations both ways, but I guess for us (small network) it would be probably handier that they can bring (enmbed) some of their facebook (big network) media in the joomla/jomsocial site. To be honest, we are actually looking for a real integral solution which will include all media and the most popular media sharing networks (not just facebook): flickr, picassa, photobucket, vimeo, you tube, etc, etc Have you got any knowledge of any component which does this and if it would conflict with your one in any way?
4. OTHER FUTURE IMPLEMENTATIONS: Finally, what about Alpha User Points which we probably implement soon together with Bee Heard... How easy for a developer would be to integrate these two as well into facebook´s activity streams and walls? Got a volunteer php programmer who wants to help the cause, so he might be able to customize your plugin for us with some directions from you.

Looking forward for your answer,
Thanks for your help, I love your customer support!

Noa Lago

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Re: Post into facebook profiles,fan page & newsfeed

Thanks for getting in touch. Just so you know, your subscription expires March 3rd. You can see this in your My Subscriptions area, and since you've subscribed, we released v3.1 which has a number of new improvements and enhancements that we recommend you take advantage of. We're working on 3.2 right now, but unfortunately, it likely won't be out until after your subscription expires. For the full changelog of 3.1, see: … /changelog

As for your questions:
Posts to Facebook - This is an area we're really focusing on in 3.2, 3.3, and going forward. We want to make it simple for you (the administrator) to setup hooks to let users post things when they want to (I just commented..., I just reviewed..., etc) and automatic postings when users do specific things (John just subscribed.., Bob just updated her status.., etc). There's a few ways to do this, and we want to make it as generic as possible so that it can be added to any extension, not just to JomSocial or a few specific ones. It's a work in progress, and again, making more cross-communication between sites is a goal, but it won't be fully realized for a few more releases.

Group Postings - This goes along with above, in a way. We'd like to make it very simply to add a Javascript pop-up to Agora (or any Submit button) that says "I just posted in the Pre-Sales Questions of JFBConnect" with a link. These features are a little further off, but we agree, connecting to the mother social network is becoming a critical activity going forward.

Multimedia - This is not something we're planning for JFBConnect. Simply importing pictures from Facebook to a Joomla site (or pushing them too) has a whole slew of privacy implications within Facebook that we just aren't ready to tackle yet. Unfortunately, I don't have any good solutions I can recommend to you either.. I don't know of any that conflict, or any that work great. However, if you choose to use one, and run into issues, we'd gladly do what we can to help resolve any conflicts.

Future integration - AUP is something we're really looking into now for points for registering through Facebook and stuff like that. With 3.1, we broke out the profile integration that we had into separate plugins.. part of this reason was so that we (or other developers) could easily add integration with Facebook. 3.2 will expand this with a few new plugins, and more (and better) triggers for onRegister, onLogin, etc so that more things can occur.
As for posting to walls, with JFBConnect, it's extremely simple right now.. with just a few lines of code, you can post to a user's wall, if they've already granted the Stream Publish permission (which you can require in JFBConnect). Feel free to check out: … wall-posts

Hope this all helps, and thanks for the compliments on our support. We really feel like we've nailed registration and logging in with Facebook until now, and so the future is really all about expanding the social sharing aspects between your site and Facebook.. it's just a matter of getting those features in there now current/smile

Best of luck, and let us know if there's anything else we can help with!

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