Sending welcome message with the activation link after registration

Sending welcome message with the activation link after registration


Im thinking of buying your software JFBConnect but I need a specific function to work properly. I have the latest joomla 1.5.22 and Community Builder 1.3.1.
That function is:
When somebody registers via your JFBConnect I need that welcome message is sent to him (registration email with the activation link). If not he will be held in the database as not approved and that leads to some errors with the profile view (CB profile).
So Im asking, if its possible to do so with your JFBConnect?

Thank you kindly

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Re: Sending welcome message with the activation link after registration

Community Builder Activation
There's 2 answers to the activation question within CB:
1) We have an option to skip the user's activation, if you're using CB. This is because, since they're logging in through Facebook, you have a known good email address for the user, and activation isn't necessary.
2) You can choose to disable the Skip Activation setting in JFBConnect, which then, the user won't be approved. However, right now there is a known-bug in this implementation that we're investigating. I wouldn't recommend purchasing JFBConnect right now if you need the user to activate themselves for CB. That bug should be fixed within a few weeks.

You can read more about the profile import and CB integration options on the following page: … tion-guide

New User Welcome Emails
As for the sending of the welcome email, we send the (customizeable) Joomla new user registration email which includes the username and password they've chosen.  We do not currently send the CB new user emails, which is part of the bug I mention below (no email to activate the account if you require activation).

The above email is only sent if you've configured JFBConnect to let the user set their own username and password for their Joomla account that is connected to their Facebook account. This mode is called "Full Joomla User" and you can read more about the 2 options below: … tion-guide

If you'd like to demo to see how each user creation setting works, below are some links:
Full Joomla User - On our JFBConnect Demo Site:

Facebook Only User - (Faster registration, non-configurable username for the user):

As always, we have a 30 day money back guarantee if you're on the fence. If you can't get JFBConnect to work how you want, you can get your money back easily.

Hope this answers your questions, but if you have more, let us know!

If you use our extensions, please consider leaving a rating and review at the Joomla! Extension Directory:
JFBConnect | SCLogin

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