The number of likes dissapeared

The number of likes dissapeared

My previous developer did some changes in templates and now the number of likes doesn't appear in any article unfortunately.

I want the number of likes to appear again (ex. "You and 5 friends like this") exactly like it was.

Click on any of my news items and you'll see it yourself:

Any tip about that? Can I de-sync and re-sync the likes? I only hope that I didn't lost them. I want all the total number of likes to be shown again in every article like they were before!

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Re: The number of likes dissapeared

The social buttons there are configured with the "button" layout. That layout doesn't allow the faces to be shown. The HTML that's being output is:


<div class="fb-like" data-href="http://www.gameworld.gr/component/content/article/184-&epsilon;&iota;&delta;ή&sigma;&epsilon;&iota;&sigmaf;/2014-05-19-05-48-06/15123-project-morpheus-virtual-reality-ps4" data-show-faces="true" data-share="true" data-layout="button" data-action="like" data-colorscheme="light" data-kid-directed-site="false">

That data-layout="button" is the problem. You'll need to change that to "standard" either in the JFBConnect -> Social area, the easy tags or the module settings, depending on how you're inserting the buttons in that position.

Next, and unrelated are a few other odd things I see in the HTML of the site. If you open the HTML on any your pages, there's a style block of code at the very top before the opening HTML element that's just wrong:



.scsocialbuttons:first-child {
display: block !important;background:none !important;

.scsocialbuttons {
display: none !important;
Those related to our social buttons, but definitely aren't being inserted by our code. I'd remove that as it's invalid HTML for where it's placed and could cause you other issues.

And finally, another strange thing, the article seems to be duplicated on the page. There's the copy at the top and then, if you scroll down, it shows again. Not related to our social buttons, but I wanted to point it out.


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