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3 weeks 2 days ago #67031 by kevinod
What are the alternatives, if any, for incorporating a "resultant action" based on the user's successful use of a social share button?

For example, if I placed a button on a product page on an eCommerce component configured to share the image of the product to Facebook, I'd like to reward the user with a discount coupon to be used for their next purchase.

Is there any event to listen for and create this solution via client-side and/or server side?

For example, if it's a button a form I presume one could simply respond to the button click, how could it work with your product?
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3 weeks 7 hours ago #67038 by alzander
Facebook's Terms of Service explicitly state that you cannot incentivize 'Sharing' or use of the 'Like' button to reward users. They want all interactions to be voluntary or else it just leads to websites trying to game the system to get more content into feeds by rewarding users.

With that said, there is a way to redirect users to a specific page on your site after they use the share feature. This can be to say 'thanks' or whatever else you chose, but be aware that Facebook has the power to remove shares or ban your site/app entirely if it finds you're doing the wrong thing.

JFBConnect is built from the ground up around Facebook's (ever-changing) terms of service. We offer a ton of powerful features but also try to make sure our users don't easily go outside the bounds of what's allowed.

I hope that helps answer your question,
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