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4 years 4 months ago #63606 by hancel
Hi, I had purchased this component in the past and I really find it very versatile and very good. Two questions:
Question 1) I have read all the material they have published about the clogin configuration guide, JFConetc, and I want to know the following: It is possible that once the whole component is configured and integrated with joomsocial, when a publication is made in joomsocial, it is publication is automatically published on Facebook and / or twitter?
That is to say. What I want is that, if a person subscribes to my site, using Clogin, using the Facebook icon, twitter, etc., all their actions in joomsocial, such as post, comment, like, be reflected in Facebook, twitter, etc. ., what I'm looking for is that, if I publish in joomsocial, it's published on Facebook, twitter, etc.
Question 2: As I was a subscriber in the past and had purchased this component, is there a special discount to reactivate my subscription?

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4 years 4 months ago #63614 by alzander
JFBConnect has a lot of integration with JomSocial for various functionality, like profile import and simplified registration. For your specific questions, we do support pushing some content to Facebook when posted in JomSocial. We will post new status updates by a user to their feed. However, we dont' post comments as those, by themselves, would likely not make any sense going back to their Facebook profile. That's likely to just annoy the user as a comment without the original story lacks the necessary context to post it on Facebook.

We do not support pushing content from JomSocial to a user's Twitter feed at this time. We have Twitter integration where new content created can be pushed to the website/owner's Twitter feed, but I don't think that's what you're looking for.

As for discounts, we always have a 30% discount for existing customers that renew before their subscription expires. By keeping a subscription up to date, it lowers our support and development costs and we pass that savings along to our users. If your subscription expired a while ago, you'll have saved more than the 30% by not resubscribing until now. If you choose to subscribe again, you'll be eligible for the discount before your subscription expires.

I hope that helps explain,
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