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Hi there,

I think I have managed to connect to google, linkedin and facebook so users now can login/register using these platforms, but for those that prefer manual registrations, I want to give them a very fast way to register and by your documentation I understand that mini registration is that. These are my settings and my ideal outcome would be that if someone does not want to register using social account, they would click on register and they would have a very short form, with minimum amount of fields, best would be only their email. 

Right now my register button (using your SCLogin) takes me to joomla registration form with usual fields (name, username, double password field and double email field) . These are my settings for the module so what am I missing? Why the registration link is not taking me to this mini registration?

Also I am using a popup (3rd party component) to show the login module, is it possible to show this mini registration form inside this popup or inside a new popup? 

Thanks a lot.
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The 'mini-registration' method still requires a social network account. JFBConnect is all about the social network integration experience. For 'normal' Joomla registrations using an email and password, we leave that up to core Joomla or other registration components.

The mini-registration process is possible because fields like name, email, some location information, etc can be automatically pulled in by a social network. Since we can do that, we offer options to hide those fields completely, even while they're being filled in, to make the registration flow as short as possible.

I know there are extensions out there to let users register and authenticate with an email address, and likely other shortcuts for registration. We'd have to recommend you search through those options to find the best choice for your needs.

I hope that helps explain, but if there's anything else we can help you with, please let us know.

The topic has been locked.
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