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Hi guys, 
PHP 7.4.27 + Joomla 3.10.4 + JFBConnect 8.4.6 + AcyMailing 7.x

AcyMailing Enterprise 7.6.0 (where I experienced the bug) > Configuration > Subscription > Joomla! integration - Create a subscriber on site account creation: enabled
So, When a User regitering on Joomla, he is automatically subscribed to an AcyMailing List - It is woring like a charm

But it seems that if a User uses the JFBC Social quick Registration (Facebook and/or Google), the User is created and enabled with success in Joomla, but he is not subscribed to the AcyMailing List

- Please, Can you replicate it ?

- AcyMailing 7.7.4 is out, but there is anything about it into changelog
- Is it anything you yet experienced / found / solved with New JFBConnect 9.x version ? 

Please, Can you help on fixing it ?
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I'm not totally familiar with how AcyMailing subscribes new users. With JFBConnect, when we create a new user, we go through this flow:
* Create a new instance of JUser
* Populate it with the user's info (name, email, etc)
* Call the 'save' function

The save function performs all of the normal Joomla checks for a user and triggers the following plugin events:
* onUserBeforeSave
* onUserAfterSave

Most extensions that check for new users to 'do' something use those events to check if the user is new. Then, if so, they can add them to a newsletter or whatever else is needed.

If AcyMailing is not using those events and doing it some other way, that may be the problem. It's something you may want to verify with the Acy team first to check if there's anything missing in the flow. It's something we can add to our to-do list, but I can't guarantee any timeframes for when we'd have an answer.

I hope that helps explain,
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Hi Alex, 
I wrote to Acyba team (AcyMailing) by email reporting this ticket and asking them to contact you directly to be able to look into this issue...
Some useful AcyMailing Documentation information for you:

AcyMailing > Configuration > Subscription -
AcyMailing Developer Documentation -

Staying tuned...
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We don't have any specific AcyMailing integration within JFBConnect. While we've used their product on multiple 3rd party sites (and it's great!), we just haven't had a need or request for specific integration within JFBConnect.

If they respond to let you know there's a different Joomla-standard way we should be creating users that all extensions can use, we'll gladly investigate. If we have to do something custom for AcyMailing, it's something we can add to our to-do list, but I can't give any timeline on when such integration would be completed.

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