Topic-icon Facebook compliance: app test users cannot login with Facebook

I have been requested by Facebook compliance to create a Test User of the app, and to demonstrate that this user can use the Login with Facebook function (via SCLogin module).
This works fine for all our normal users, and has done for years, but the app test user I have created always redirects to the Login page with error 'New User Registration is disabled'.
I have tried changingt he User Registration setting, but this does not change the result.
In the User Map the user shows an error in 'FBAppAuthorised'
Have Facebook asked me to do something they make impossible, or is there something else I can do? All Joomla and JFBConnect is updated to most current versions.

Facebook are threatening to deauthorise my app if I cannot satisfy the request below.
JFBConnect Login with Facebook does not work with app test users, so I cannot satusfy them
Can anyone suggest how this can be made to work?


Thank you so much for your response.

We were able to login manually with the credentials you have provided.

However, we would kindly like to request you to send us the email address of a created Facebook test user instead. The Facebook test user has '' at the end of the email address. You can find all the information regarding the Facebook test user here -

Please do let us know if you have any doubts regarding the same.
Is there any chance of a response from Sourcecoast to this issue?
See latest from Facebook in attachment. 
Is Facebook deauthorise my app there is no point is my paying for JFBConnect.
Support Specialist
I'm sorry for the lengthy delay in getting back to you on this. There's a few things to note:
1) I just tried to register on your site with a real Facebook user. When I did, I was brought to the login page with the same "User Registration is disabled." That indicates others (test users or not) won't be able to register either. Please check the following settings:
JFBConnect -> Configuration. In the "Advanced" area, make sure "Enable Social Registration" is set to 'yes'.
In the User Manager area of Joomla, in the Options section make sure "User Registration" is on.

Then, please test with a different Facebook account than you've ever logged in with before. If that still does not let you register with a new social account, there may be some other profile extension that is disabling user registrations. Are you using another profile management extension?

2) We just tested creating a test user in Facebook and authenticating on a few site without issue. JFBConnect can definitely handle Test User registrations and logins, so once #1 above is resolved, you should be good to go.

Again, we apologize for the delay, but please keep us posted on what you determine about the registration issue above.

Thank you for the response, and I confirm that changing 'Enable Social Registration' to yes has fixed the problem with test users. So Facebook should be happy.
I do not wish to set Enable New User Registration to yes because all users on this site are created by an external system, so this sis till no.
This seems OK to me, is there any reason you can see why it would not be OK?
Support Specialist
There shouldn't be. The reason we have the "Enable Social Registration" setting is by design as it was requested from users in the past. Basically, you can disable 'normal' Joomla registration with a username & password. Those registrations can be very spammy (depending on the site) whereas social registrations are (mostly) vetted by the social network first.

So, with that setting enabled, JFBConnect bypasses the setting for "New User Registration" and still allows them while safely leaving Joomla's registration system disabled.

After Facebook registers with the test account you provide, you can safely disable that setting in JFBConnect. They'll be able to login in the future as they wish.

Thanks again for your patience, and all the best with getting their issue cleared up.

Many thanks for the explanation. All is now working as expected and user registration only for social network users is a solution I am very happy with.
Support Specialist
No problem. We're happy to help and hope the App Review process from Facebook proceeds smoothly.

All the best,
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