Topic-icon Unable to comment as my FB Business Page

1 week 2 days ago #67270 by dageke
Hi there,
I restarted my computer yesterday, and after that, I am only able to comment on my site as myself, not as the Business Page. My website and Business Page is Thailands Tidende.
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1 week 1 day ago #67271 by alzander
On your website, you've been commenting as your Page? In all honesty, I'm unsure how you were ever able to do this.

To my knowledge, you can only comment as a Page on your Page or other Pages. You cannot comment as a Page on a user profile and I thought you couldn't on website comments either.

I've tried to investigate, but can't find any details on how you would enable that feature. To do so, I'd assume there'd be a way to associate your website with a Page Id, but there isn't.

If you have any example of posts you've made in the past as a Page on your site, I'd like to take a look. That may not give me the details I need to solve it, but it may help investigate.

1 week 1 day ago #67272 by dageke
Yes, always been able to comment. As a matter of fact, your component has little use for me if I cannot comment as my page. I publish a magazine, and must be able to answer comments as the magazine, not as myself. Example:
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1 week 14 hours ago #67273 by alzander
Thanks for the details and link to your previous posts. I was able to scour around and find a bug report in Facebook's system about the "Post as.." functionality missing in the comments area of websites:

I'd recommend posting to that comment that you are experiencing the same problem. Hopefully, it's just a bug that Facebook will correct soon. Sometimes, 'bugs' become permanent.. so the most important thing is to let them know it's being used by as many people as possible.

I hope that helps give you a direction, but unfortunately, there's nothing within JFBConnect we could do to fix this.

1 week 55 minutes ago #67274 by dageke
Thanks for digging out this topic on developers.facebook. Strangely only a few comments there at the moment. Hopefully they will fix this.
Support Specialist
3 days 16 hours ago #67275 by alzander
I wanted to follow up and make sure this issue has been resolved for you. According to the Facebook bug report above, it was fixed a day or so ago. Hopefully everything is back on track for you :)

If you need anything else, just let us know!

3 days 8 hours ago #67276 by dageke
Yes, everything is working now, thanks.
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