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i posted about this problem a few years ago, and wanted to see if you might have found a solution in the meantime (fingers crossed...:).
i'm using k2 to manage users registration to the site - and due to a massive attack of spam registration i had to enable the recaptcha on the registration form.
the problem is that with the recaptcha enabled, new users can't register with a social network using JFBC. when trying to, they get an error message about not proving they are humans :/
might there be a solution to this, someway that JFBC can override the registration flow of K2?
otherwise the only solution i see is hiding the social-registration, and only allowing it for already registered users.
if you have any solution (or any idea what can be done), please advise...
thank you!
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We haven't heard of this issue in quite some time and didn't know it was still a problem. I know when we used to hear about it, we'd recommend using the built-in Captcha system of Joomla. From my memory of it, K2 has a captcha field and you can select to use their own captcha or the one that comes with Joomla. When K2 initially launched ~2009, Joomla 1.5 didn't have it's own captcha plugin system available.

Joomla has had captcha built-in for about 9 years now (that's a guess, but close).

Is there a reason you can't or don't want to use the Joomla captcha system? If you try to set it up, does it work (even if you don't prefer to use it)?

Answers to those will help us understand the issue further and help figure out a good way forward.

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Thank you Alex,
for some reason i was not notified about your respone, so apologize for the delay here.
i don't see any option in K2 to use the Joomla built-in recaptcha, only the k2's. also i don't remember that such an option exist.
anyway i have posted about it in the K2 forum.
if you have any other information i would love to know.

please note that there is still a problem registration with a social network when k2 recaptcha is enabled.
i've had to disable the social registration since without the recaptcha my site is beeing overrun by fake users registrations.

thank you
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I just had a look at the K2 user plugin to understand what's going on. It seems they changed things a little. They do have their own ReCaptcha keys and, if you enable ReCaptcha in their parameters, they will add that captcha to their own registration form and Joomla's built-in registration forms. For some annoying and breaking way, they don't just use the captcha system built-in to Joomla.. because duplicating things is always better, apparently.

Once ReCaptcha and the K2 User Profile system are enabled, they pass every registration through their own captcha implementation, which is why it's breaking.

With that said, it seems like there's a pretty straightforward work around with a line of code that I'd like you to test. Please edit the /components/com_jfbconnect/controllers/login.php file. Around line 109, you should see:
// Check if no mapping, and Automatic Registration is set. If so, auto-create the new user.
Directly above that line, please add:
$app->setUserState('socialConnectData', true);
Test that and let us know how it goes. If it works, we can investigate implementing it in the next release.

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