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3 years 9 months ago - 3 years 9 months ago #64454 by hancel
I have a site that in one of the pages is created with jomsocial, I have installed the component AltaUserPoints Extensions and AUP Profile for Jomsocial that allows me to grant points to users or subscribers when they perform certain actions, you can consult the characteristics of this component in this link:

The component allows developers to configure this component to adapt it to the needs of the client, see here:

Is it possible that when using "AMPZ" I integrate it with "AltaUserPoints extensions" to assign points every time a user shares an article or content using "JFBConnect Joomla"?
If possible, would you do it as part of adding new features and potentialities to your "JFBConnect Joomla" or would it be a service for which you would charge us? If this is the case, how much would the payment be for adding this feature to our services?
Thank you very much
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JFBConnect already has AltaUserPoint integration. Unfortunately, Facebook has been removing many abilities to track the user's behavior on your site. You used to be able to award points for sharing or liking content. Those features have been removed by Facebook recently.

Currently, you can award points for a user leaving a Facebook Comment only.

I'm unsure what "AMPZ" is, but I hope the above helps answer your question.

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