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8 years 2 months ago #41423 by dageke
Yes, we changed over to 2.5 yesterday...

It seems I cannot test the site myself anymore (since I'm administrator, possibly..). I leave comments with my own Facebook user, and get no notification. Then, I had another guy leave a comment, and I got the notification. So, that probably meeans that it works now, thanks for the fix
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Support Specialist
8 years 2 months ago #41437 by alzander
Not sure why you wouldn't get it with your own user. There really isn't any code to check for 'who' is writing the comment and determine whether the email should be sent..

The only suggestions I'd have are:
1) Make sure that the default Joomla 'sender' email address isn't the same email address that the mail is going to. Some email servers reject email to the same person that sent it.
2) Make sure that you have proper email authentication set up on your server for SPF/DKIM signing to help ensure it's not being deleted as spam along the way to your inbox.

I hope that helps,
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