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9 years 5 months ago #39365 by ducduc007
Inifinite loop was created by ducduc007
Hello Dave,

I've installed the com_jfbconnect_j1.5_v4.3.4.zip on one of our previous (J.1.5.26) web site as the client would like his customers to also login using Facebook.

We are running in a couple of issues:

1.- From the front-end, using SCLogin to log into Facebook, when Facebook ID + Pass have been validated the application runs into an infinite loop where the registering page loads over and over again.
Please note that SCLogin is set to use Virtuemart registration component.

2.- Within the JFBConnect admin autotune option, we get recommendations and trying to update them we get these errors on top of the admin panel:
COM_JFBCONNECT_FB_API_ERROR(#100) Already used by some other app
COM_JFBCONNECT_FB_API_ERRORAn unknown error has occurred.

You may test this problem with the following URL: www.gmc-moto.ch/jfbconnect-test-page.html

Thank you.

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