Topic-icon installed ver 9 now login ends in a 404

9.x was installed last night and now the site login ends in a 404 error. What is the fix?

Too few arguments to function JFBConnectProviderWidgetLogin::__construct(), 2 passed in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 207 and exactly 3 expected
Support Specialist
3 weeks 3 days ago #67022 by alzander
Well that's not good! Looking at the autotune logs, it looks as though you rolled back to JFBConnect v8 (which is understandable).

For the error you're seeing, we can't directly understand how it's failing like that. It seems like something is trying to show the social login buttons incorrectly, but it's impossible for us to tell if that call is coming from within JFBConnect or from another extension. We can't find anything in JFBConnect that would be doing that though and haven't been able to recreate the error.

So, with that said, can you help with any of these details:
* After installing v9, did you enable the Facebook provider plugin (this is now a separate plugin)
* Do you have any other extensions that integrate with or show the social buttons from JFBConnect?
* Were you trying to login from SCLogin or the standard Joomla login area?
* Was this a social network login and, if so, which network?
* What page threw the 404 error? Was it a landing page on your site, the home page, etc?
* If you refreshed the page, did it still show a 404, or does it go away on refresh (indicating it only happens right after the login).

Sorry for all the questions, but anything you provider will help us understand further. If there's a development site we can test on as well, that'd be fantastic.

3 weeks 2 days ago #67032 by fb_588611724
The error went away on a re-install and all works as hoped. Some answers if needed

We are using sclogin
We dont use any other social login
My account is connected to facebook and I did have the error as well as others
The main page was where the login was for me
the error remained after refresh until the cookie was cleared
Support Specialist
3 weeks 7 hours ago #67037 by alzander
Thanks for all the details. We're looking into ways to recreate this, but are unable to yet. We'll definitely keep an eye out for related issues though and, if there's something within our install package we can improve, we surely will.

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