An updated version of JFBConnect (JED Link), SourceCoast's leading Facebook integration suite for Joomla, is available now. This release adds Facebook's Send button along with multiple minor features and bug-fixes. This is also the first release available from our new dual-release strategy keeping our Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6 versions in sync for features and bug-fixes. With our new build system, we have one code base from which we can build JFBConnect for both Joomla versions. For more information on this release, and our dual development strategy, read on.

Recently, Facebook began emailing a small subset of JFBConnect user's notifying them that their application may be in violation of Facebook policy by inadvertently leaking some user data. We have researched this situation thoroughly, and feel these emails are in error, but would like to obtain as much information from our users about their configuration as possible. Please read on to learn about our investigation, and how you can help if you've received an email from Facebook.

Joomla 1.6 Facebook IntegrationJFBConnect has been a powerhouse for Facebook Integration on Joomla 1.5 since early 2009. Now, over 2 years of development and features bring these Facebook features to Joomla 1.6 with the new version 3.3 of JFBConnect. Powerful single-sign on integration, Open Graph support, automatic Likes/Comments in articles with email notifications, and a ton more is at your fingertips with the latest and greatest version of Joomla.

JFBConnect v3.2 is out now! We've already detailed the major new features in our sneak peak, but there's a few extra goodies in there for everyone! The Facebook for Joomla extension, now over 2 years old has always been a powerful single-sign on registration extension. Now it's your all-in-one Facebook social component as well. (Undecided? See our JED Reviews)

In addition to the Open Graph integration, rich wall posts, custom registration fields, and automatic comments & like buttons in each article, this also has a slew of user-requested features, like: 

Social Stream
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