Joomla in Facebook CanvasThe newest version of JFBConnect is out now and is all about tighter integration between your site and Facebook. We get tons of feedback about what our user's are looking for and are very excited about the new features that we're delivering with this release including Facebook Page Tab integration, "Reveal Page" support, Canvas Apps, full K2 integration, customizeable usernames and tons of other minor improvements and bug-fixes.

Learn more about how you can integrate your site more tightly into Facebook.

Joomla Facebook on the JEDLate last month, we were excited to find out that the Joomla Extension Directory chose JFBConnect to power-up it's registration process with Facebook Connect integration. With this addition to the JED, it becomes even easier for users to register via Facebook, leave reviews, add new extensions and generally interact with others in the Joomlasphere.

Even more exciting is the impact JFBConnect is having. Within 12 hours of adding it to the JED, Matt Lipscomb tweeted that over 100 people had already registered, or linked their existing Joomla account, to their Facebook account. Since then, according to Facebook, the extension directory now has almost more than 2000 active monthly Facebook users!

Have you added JFBConnect to your site? Would you like to give immediate access to over 500 million Facebook users and have an additional 2000 monthly users register on your site? Read on to learn more about JFBConnect, or use the links below to get started today! 

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An updated version of JFBConnect (JED Link), SourceCoast's leading Facebook integration suite for Joomla, is available now. This release adds Facebook's Send button along with multiple minor features and bug-fixes. This is also the first release available from our new dual-release strategy keeping our Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6 versions in sync for features and bug-fixes. With our new build system, we have one code base from which we can build JFBConnect for both Joomla versions. For more information on this release, and our dual development strategy, read on.

Recently, Facebook began emailing a small subset of JFBConnect user's notifying them that their application may be in violation of Facebook policy by inadvertently leaking some user data. We have researched this situation thoroughly, and feel these emails are in error, but would like to obtain as much information from our users about their configuration as possible. Please read on to learn about our investigation, and how you can help if you've received an email from Facebook.

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