Joomla Open GraphRemember last month when we told you how our new version JFBConnect, the premier Joomla Facebook extension for Joomla, would support Facebook Open Graph Actions? Remember how excited you were? How you imagined how much traction your Joomla site would get, if only those crazy SourceCoast folks would finally release their new product? Well, it’s here. And it’s awesome. Your Facebook efforts are about to get easier and more powerful. Open Graph Actions can be implemented on your site today. No more waiting. No more hoping your users will share your stuff. JFBConnect eases people into action. Call it a bit passive aggressive. Or call it smart. Set it up and watch as your website gets the kind of promotion it deserves.

Joomla World ConferenceIn anticipation of our upcoming v4.3 release of JFBConnect later this month and our excitement to speak at the Joomla World Conference, we're offering our first ever special offer on our extensions!

Read on to learn more about all the great things happening at Sourcecoast!

Open Graph Timeline Entries from Joomla One of the most requested features we've received for JFBConnect over the last year has been for support for Facebook Timeline events based on Open Graph Actions. With the upcoming release, these actions can be posted automatically and there will be integration with many other extensions. It's all coming in our biggest update to JFBConnect ever, and it's coming soon.

If you don't know anything about Open Graph Actions or Timeline events, or want to learn more about our support, read on for how you can use what Facebook says can have highest click-thru rate of any of their organic promotional tools and how you'll be able to implement them in Joomla.

JFBConnect - Facebook for JoomlaThe newest version of JFBConnect, v4.2.5, was just released. This update fixes some minor bugs that certain configurations of JFBConnect may run into. While the update is not required and may not affect all users, we always recommended you use the latest version to ensure the smoothest operation for your Facebook integration.

For more details on the features affected and if you should upgrade, read on.

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